Retro Sounds:- Bongos Ikwue – Show Me The Man Who Don’t Need...

Retro Sounds:- Bongos Ikwue – Show Me The Man Who Don’t Need A Woman


Benue State born Bongos Ikwue was one of the most dynamic, unique and sort after Nigerian musicians of the mid 70’s all the way to the late 80’s and performed a wide range of popular genres including Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock and Alternative Afro-fusions, whilst blending his music with African folklore, modern philosophy and psychedelic sound beds.

    He was also renowned for his unique and distinctive voice with which he showcased great flexibility, range, tonal accuracy and precise diction and also created numerous evergreen compositions that still resonate within the walls of the Nigerian music scene.

 He released his debut album You Can’t Hurry the Sunrise (produced by Ginger Baker and Jide Alawiye), in 1973 but Ikwue soon signed up with EMI where he recorded a string of classic LPs through the 1970s including his most recognizable work Still Searching, from which this single Show Me A Man Who Don’t Need A Woman was taken.

The philosophical musings and psychedelic vibe which he was widely known are on full display on this beautiful piece which shows why he is still one of the most recognizable musical names from his era. Check it out below.