Audio:- Oyinbo Pepper – Kilode Featuring Rude Bone

Audio:- Oyinbo Pepper – Kilode Featuring Rude Bone


Oyinbo Pepper is a Russian singer who is based in the United Kingdom and her passion for Nigerian fro-pop music led her to commence a career as a Karaoke act, performing popular music by Nigerian artistes at different destinations. In 2014, she was discovered by Real Business Entertainment, who started a process of grooming her to record and perform original Afro-pop songs and today she makes her debut on NS with a Kunsept produced single titled Kilode which features her CEO Dancehall artiste Rude Bone and on the song she sings in Yoruba and Pidgin English quite good. She just returned from a Radio tour in Nigeria and is already working on her follow up single which she promises will be exciting, listen to Kilode below and drop a comment.




  1. This is CRAPPPPP your pronunciation is awful, you can’t sing nor will this idea get you anywhere. Touring radio stations in Nigeria doesn’t mean anything because you can’t sing and definitely can not speak Yoruba or Pidgin (as you claim!) it’s no good forcing something – your voice is horrible! Go back to Russia and stop trying where it’s never going to work. Rudebone himself is not talented so it’s hardly surprising that neither are you!!

    • who so vexed elizabeth, if you don’t like it that’s fine, but other people do and the song has been trending since it came out, she can get better if she practices, stop hatin and get used to oyinbo pepper , she’s coming with more