Throwback Thursday:- Plantashun Boiz – Cousin’s Cousin Featuring Azadus

Throwback Thursday:- Plantashun Boiz – Cousin’s Cousin Featuring Azadus [2000]


in 1999, Nigerian Afro-pop icon Tony Tetuila was kicked out of his erstwhile group, The Remedies, who were at that time, the biggest contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B group in Nigeria. Tony then went on to deliver two monster hit songs My Kind Of Woman and Omode Meta N’sere. Both songs features the artist who was then known as 2face and his performances on both records hit the industry like a nuclear bomb and introduced Tuface and his crew Plantashun Boiz ( Blackface was featured on the latter mentioned track ) to the contemporary Nigerian music consuming poulace.

    Tha Plantashun Boiz had already been working on their debut album Body And Soul: The Beginning, which they eventually completed and released in 2000 and is also unarguably the best debut track by any contemporary Nigerian group till date. The album was a potent combination of Hip-hop, Reggae,R&B and also Afro-pop elements. The album featured production from the likes of Femi Lasode, Nelson Brown and Mighty Mouse. It also contained unforgettable hit songs like You & I, Knock Me Off, If Life and Cousin’s Cousin, which we are posting in today’s Throwback Thursday Series. The track features Azadus, who delivered his monster debut single You is The One, two years later and built a successful career for himself as well.