Tunde Akinsanmi Set To Release Solo Album & Explains Why He Left Styl Plus

Tunde Akinsanmi of Stypl Plus
Photo of Tunde Of Styl Plus. Promo Picture only

Erstwhile member of everybody’s favourite boy group—Styl Plus, Tunde Akinsanmi is set to release his debut solo album.

The singer who quit the group in 2012, and officially goes by the stage name Tunde TDot hints on a new album in a months time. According to Tunde, the project is titled “Songs Of Lugica” and scheduled for release in July 2020.

The long completed album release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which had public gatherings banned, hindering the possibility of holding an album launch and listening session.

Speaking on leaving Styl-Plus, Tunde revealed a compromise in the synergy among the group mates, and complacency on the part of his groupmates, neccesitated his exit.

“It’s really something that is not that serious, I’m a happy guy at this point in my life. I like getting things done, creating things and if the only way I can work with you is compromised then there is a problem. For a long time, we have been working together because I decided to do things in certain ways.

“I’m a loyal guy, I might branch to other things till when you are ready. As at that time in 2012 when I left, we weren’t getting shows anymore and we weren’t recording new songs, people always asked the question where is Styl-Plus? Why are you not doing new album?” 

“How will it be that when they call Styl-Plus we are doing songs we did in 2006 and so on, what happened to doing new songs, imagine you call 2face and the song he still singing is African Queen ” and that’s all you can add to his name, I got restless and I decided to do other things, which I thought if they were cool with that, we could still work together, but they didn’t want that at that point it was like we were on a downward spiral and nothing was happening.”

“I’m the kind of person that when I have an idea and I have a conviction for some reason why it should work, I go ahead with it, irrespective of the 99 reasons why it won’t work, I tried to magnify the one reason why it should work and go on with it. Left to me, I wanted to do a clothing line at that time, so I did a song name of the artiste, he was native boy. The name of the clothing company was Native Boy to create awareness for the brand. I didn’t put my name as I was still with the group. When they heard it, they wanted me to stop it.”

So I just realized that even if this decision is going to kill me, let me try and do new things and be happy with it, I’m a producer apart from being a singer. I actually enjoy audio engineering very much. So when it comes to the technicalities of music, I think that is my first love. I’m into audio and visual production also into game production and programming. I’m a farmer. I studied Agricultural Economics and Extension in Federal University of Technology Akure. Agriculture is good business, I really have my hands on a lot right now.”