Tiwa Savage Walks a Trail, In Search Of True Love. Water and Garri EP Review.


Tiwa Savage Water

Artiste:- Tiwa Savage
Album:- Water and Garri
Record Label:- Universal Music Group
Distributed By:- Nil
Guest Appearances:- Brandy, Tay Iwar, Amaarae, Nas, and Rich King
Producers:- Nil
Release Date:- August 20th 2021
Critical Breakdown

Tiwa Savage is a very successful Nigerian female singer, 41, and yet, she’s pretty outstanding and could be regarded as the Number one African bad girl. She has a son with her ex-husband, Teebliz, in 2016, meanwhile, her Water and Garri EP, is like a trail that walks right from her past love life far to this point in her life where she seems to be in search of a prince charming.

She’s at the zenith of her music career, and yet not getting that lover who’s going to stick all out with her even as she seem not to fully get over her former heart robe – Teebliz. In “Somebody’s Son” featuring her American idol, Brandy, Tiwa’s artistry in combination with Brandy becomes one of the most beautiful that the project bore, which can be anyone’s favorite as it is sick of chemistry, with an effort able to grip a listener and help them see reasons to hold on to love again, nevertheless, whatever terrible experience they might have undergone in their past relationships.

Tiwa’s Water and Garri also trails the path of working hard and kicking hard against lazy folks. In such a track, was her in song with Nas and Rich King which was titled, “Work Fada”.

‘Work Fada’, was in charge of opening the extended play, and left the project on a cause that could be very important as everyone has to relate with that essence. Work hard is the subject, even as it kicks hard against lazy folks. Nas was Nas in his delivery, though it was special in a way, but although he didn’t spend time rapping probably because of the nature of the instrumentals. He had to fit into it not letting it lose taste, after all, he is a legend, and his effort was written according to his big name.

Nas’s delivery was laid in stacks of advice, that walked through the talks from his clear vocal experience that is very poignant, notable, and outstanding in between. It was good. Rich King, was by the side making certain echo that reverberates the essence of the record that was much for one to easily sit within introspection and examination. Tiwa, herself, rendered aptly.

“Ade Ori” was next, and it is a record drawn from the Yoruba’s pride to describe a person with a crown on the head, as she directly puts herself in that position, perhaps, to proclaim herself the queen she truly deserves. The instrumentals were pop-driven, also through a vocal range that perfectly slices on an R&B esque, with certain melodies normally attached to rhythm and blues that can’t be misplaced, in between. And alongside the echoes that fill the song, makes it flows with the delivery of perfect sensation.

“Tales By Moonlight” features Amaarae, the blend is very exceptional and worthy of enough peculiarity in the creation and morphing of Tiwa’s vibe. She’s more matured and has grown from the Mavin’s lab in the tutelage of Jazzy and co, years back, and has become much more expansive vocally. She sings so airy on “TBM”, and it renders a very good sign. She has wonderful chemistry alongside the Ghanaian-American Amaarae, where they both seem to discuss the love of their life and the fandom attached with it. Amaarae is very talented and it doesn’t ever hide in between, her delivery was chic and the entire track was epic. Tales by Moonlight is history and it is so good, natural, and very delectable. It is a love that also desires to ride on fandom.

“Special Kinda”, had Tay Iwar on set, stab the same spot Tiwa focused on, finding true loving once more and seem like not getting over the tingle of her past relationship.

Tay Iwar’s vocals are great and lovely, alongside very expansive that it totally aligns with Tiwa’s airy vocal, yet so expansive and sounds very natural. ‘Special Kinda’, is like where Tiwa continues to long for her lover, where she reflects how the love has been and desires to walk the trails once more. Perhaps, because she misses him that much as she truthfully describes his vibe as irreplaceable, requesting that he calls her. She’s want to get back to love, and ‘SK’ kept her in an emotional state, enough to tell someone that she might be vulnerable and have to express how she feels regardless of being at the zenith of her career. Meanwhile, the chemistry in the record was A-plus, that I realize it was a special record meant to usher Tiwa and her lover back for love, and foreplay once again.

Water and Garri could be a point in her life where she needs what she has always aligned with, like a missing rib persay, and in it is that combination that makes her that special kind of feeling as delivered through the perfect song alongside Tay Iwar.

Beats/Production:- 7/10

Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition/Arrangement:- 6/10

Best Verse:- NIL

Standout Track:- Somebody’s Son

Musical Moment:- NIL

Album Rating:- 7/10