Throwback Thursday :- Trybesmen – Asiko Laye (1999)


It was a moment in the early 90`s when reggae and some other genres of music which were totally unrelated and dissimilar to Hip-hop was the norm and other popular sub genres of music such as Afrojuju, Ragamuffin, Synchro system, Juju,Fuji and Gospel music were most popular sounds people were familiar with in the Nigerian Music Industry. All that began to change upon the arrival of one of the very first rap groups that made an effort to bring Hip hop to the forefront in the Nigerian music industry The Trybesmen, which consisted of Eldee Tha Don, Freestyle Essien and Kunle Bello aka KB.
This group which will later go on to give us hits like Shake body,Plenty Nonsense and many more great Hip-hop tracks that set the Hip-hop genre in Nigeria on a seemingly greater path and made it popular and establishing that a living could be made from the artform.
Trybesmen (also later metamorphosed into Da Trybe) is a pioneering Nigerian hip-hop group from Lagos, who were instrumental in the expansion of hip-hop in Nigeria”.

The legendary rap group was formed in 1994 and then went ahead to drop their debut album titled L.A.G style volume 1 in 1999 which was accepted widely by hiphop lovers.
Their style of music was very entertaining as they fused the act of story telling with very catchy hooks and delivery.
The song “Asiko Laye” is from their 1999 debut album.

Enjoy this great sound from the early years of the Nigerian Hip-hop story.