Slimfeez – Human Being Ft. TiZ East

Slimfeez - Human Being
Artwor for the single Human Being by Slimfeez. All rights reserved 2021

Nigerian artist SilmFeez has teamed up with Nigerian born-London rapper TiZ East to create a song that will uplift Nigerain’s across the globe.

Produced by Apekme, “Human Being” is poised to be more than just a song, it is a masterpiece that is destined to be the soundtrack to many revolutionary moments that will occur throughout both Nigerian and African history.  With Slimfeez being one of Africa’s brightest up and coming  talents and TiZ East being one of Complex’s 21 rappers to watch in 2021, this is a collaboration between two future stars.

‘Human Being’ brings the sounds of the rich history of Nigeria into the modern-day and combines it with the London sound through Slimfeez’s motivational lyrics and TiZ East’s London swagger.  The scenes in the music video transition between Nigeria and the UK to symbolise how Nigerians across the world should remain united and proud of their roots, no matter how difficult things get for those in the country or those in diaspora.

“Human Being” is inspirational and TiZ East and Slimfeez have shown that Nigerians are stronger together, whether they be living in Nigeria or in the diaspora. This song is an anthem and it is not one to be missed.