Sick 16 Of The Week:- Ghost on Verse 2 of Show Dem...

Sick 16 Of The Week:- Ghost on Verse 2 of Show Dem Camp’s ‘Shadow Of Doubt’


Shadow Of Doubt (feat. Tems) is the fifth song off the abum, Clone Wars IV: These Buhari Times by Show Dem Camp (which comprises of Tec & Ghost), released January 1st, 2019. It got nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Headies Awards.

The second verse has Ghost pondering on a lot of issues, the essence of life, questioning the status quo, the state of economics, the norm, and imagining things in an alternate universe. Spitting one of the best verse on the project.

Verse 2 (Ghost)

What’s our purpose on this earth? Are we free or are we slaves?
Destiny and destination, are they different or the same?
If God knows every move before I even choose a lane
Then do I have free will? Does my future alternate?
How come humans only be using 10% of their brains?
How can I be ‘out’ my mind and still be ‘in’-sane?
Why don’t all African countries unite, make peace?
Why we call that shit freedom knowing that it’s not free?
Who’s sending subliminal messages on my TV?
Are these economic systems just a form of slavery?
With all of this information…how does one pick out the truth?
Why’s the whole world obsessed with power and making loot?
Okay we export oil….how bout our refineries?
Are we married to corruption or is it like a disease?
If the answer is the latter then does someone know the cure?
Should we use the word holy in conjunction with a war?
What’s Good? What’s Bad? What’s Evil? What’s pure?
How do i free my mind? My emotions, and my thoughts?
How come sometimes I get the feeling that I’ve been here before?
These are just a few questions that be troubling ya boy….you know