Sick 16 Of The Week: – Alpha Ojini on ‘Madagascar (Freestyle)’

Sick 16 Of The Week: – Alpha Ojini on ‘Madagascar (Freestyle)’


On today’s episode of Sick 16 Of The Week we have Alpha Ojini on Madagascar (Freestyle). The record was released in July 2019 to commemorate the one year anniversary of his debut album Half Price, which was released in 2018.

Madagascar sees Alpha Ojini in braggadocio mode on a minimalist trap instrumental giving self adulation, expressing his ambition to scoop as much fortune from the game and throwing subliminal at fellow rappers.


Father stretch my hands, Michael Jordan with the slam dunk
Out here planting family tree seed money for my grandsons
I can’t front
Tryina shut out all these loud voices
Bad life choices make you pick your poison: STDs or handcuffs
Makanaki, you ain’t gotta tell me where you keep the safe
Take your money, hit the court with no remorse and beat the case
Niggas fading fast: man your circles be like CD plates
Wanna preach this gospel and get paid for it like TD Jakes
Haters tryina find a flaw to focus on
How can he call this a freestyle when he wrote the song?
Bro, Embrace your transformer, make sure you have nothing on
Pause… I’m just tryina vibe like Sinzu did on Money Long
Wonder what I told your girl that’s that interesting?
I said I’m a simple guy, just one or two bad intentions
Did a ten-track mixtape in four hours, that’s just half a session
That was 2011, I’m nobody’s mate, my skills perfected
My life’s Mission, get this bag
Ain’t no plans to give it back, Take your girl, dip n dash
Never had no piggyback, Every song a piggy bank
Beats is aphrodisiacs, Beat me? That’s a tricky task
Gun you down, Chitty Bang
Bring it back, bring it back, boy pipe down
Gimme dat, gimme dat, where’s my crown?
Quit that chit chat when we lay down
Kit Kat, Kit Kat, girl bite down
Gimme dat, gimme dat, gimme my crown
Bring it back, bring it back, like right now
If that ass round, give her one last round
Kit Kat, Kit Kat, girl bite down
I lost my mum in 07, it hurts
Cried then I picked myself up from the dirt
Now I do the zanku when I get alerts
Head to the bank to withdraw it and skrrt
Said I was ill and they brought me a nurse
Gave me some pills but now I’m getting worse
Then she suggested I listen to music
I listened to these rappers and nothing worked
Then I ran out the hospital and hit the streets
Can’t nobody tell me what to do
It’s been a minute since a nigga left the scenes
Ain’t none of these rappers improved
Feeling like DJ Khaled cos I got the keys
After this I got nothing to prove
I should get arrested for multiple felonies
A couple counts of microphone abuse

Listen to Madagascar below —