Saeon Moruda Muses On Suicidal Thoughts, Self Belief & Purpose, And Rebirth...

Saeon Moruda Muses On Suicidal Thoughts, Self Belief & Purpose, And Rebirth On “Birth Of The Boy Chick”


Recently the Hip-hop scene in Nigeria has been receiving a long overdue resuscitation, with a flurry of superb hip-hop projects hitting us left, right and center, and for a hip-hop fan like me, it feels like Christmas came early this year. One of such projects that has definitely struck a chord with me is Saeon Moruda‘sBirth Of The Boy Chick“.

Ever since she teased the project with the single “Aii” and a remix featuring some of the best rappers around, I have been eagerly anticipating the full body of work and finally, listening to it, I can say I am not in the least disappointed. Saeon looked at the industry and decided to fill the vacuum left by female rappers and right from the unrestrained self scathing “Vultro” introduction track to the project, the rapper boldly declares “My art will service your mental, It will make you think and cause a paradigm shift in the way you have been conditioned to consume music…good music at that.” The rapper further speaks on her struggles with suicidal thoughts and how the depth of the project will embolden the listener to face his or her pain head on and experience a rebirth like she has.

All through the Hip-hop project, the rapper demonstrates top quality skill and on songs like “Caution“, “Rebirth“, “Lemon“, “Adura” “B.C.O.T.M“, “Gbaun” featuring Falz, and the emotional “OLIC 3” cut, Saeon shows her mettle, owning the instrumentals with finesse, flows and deep hitting lyrics that “guarantees that her name will make the hall of fame” in her own words. The rapper also takes singing detours on songs like “Let You In” and “TL247“, putting her versatility on full display on the project.


Birth Of The Boy Chick”  is a bold statement from Saeon Moruda and indeed a wake up call to female African hip-hop artists, to indeed fix up. This project packs all you would expect in a hip-hop project in 2018, with hard hitting trap 808s and resonating boombap dry snares and kicks balancing each other in equal proportion in a mix of sultry vocals and resonating lyrics, and I definitely recommend you check it out.

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