Album Review: Kpos Lifestyle Vol.1, Is A Unique Expression Of Individuality, Duality and Peculiarity.


Artiste:- Ajebo hustlers
Album:- Kpos Lifestyle Vol.1
Record Label:- Avante Concepts
Distributed By:- The Plug
Guest Appearances:- Nissi, and Omah Lay
Producers:- Orbeat, Ayzed, Fresh VDM, Orlando Magic, Telz, 1dabanton, Doka, Semzibeatz
Release Date:- July 23rd 2021

Ajebo Hustlers Kpos Lifestyle

Critical Breakdown

“Kpos Lifestyle Vol.1 could mean a narrative for the right state of mind”, according to the duo describing the album during their interview towards the release. As for my enact definition is like a practical effort and a unique and peculiar project that shows off Port-Harcourt’s vulgarities and her core slang. It bears a mark of her true identity and difference from other regions; this factor entirely lies in making their music a unique set.
Ajebo Hustlers have a twist that makes music come alive; their frequent slang usage always ends a song appealing as you could also appreciate that slang culture in between their song. It sticks with the streets and has begun to vapour mainstream out rightly.
Pronto” is a unique slang testimony in its cause with Omah Lay, which sounds like some sticky, profuse wand with remarkable street peculiarity. It is addictive with an increasing replay value. Have you found the meaning of pronto yet? And I love the fact that they are original, always initiating the world with their unique storying that is apt and likely hooks different and strongly.

Ajebo Hustlers are slaves when it’s about time to embrace the slang factor in their music, and perhaps, it’s because they come from the suburbs in the city of Port-Harcourt, where their music peculiarity lies; it’s their potential and a unique figure, and it is good and should expand increasingly towards a variety of topics. It shouldn’t lack innovation and the passage to sprout broadly because it serves as an identity for the duo, and the world would have to appreciate it soon.
How they cut across singing giant sets of acceptable anthems, with potential effort laid towards breaking the people free from their ills, and threats might become your most special section on this album. Ajebo Hustlers always wants to become a voice for the streets, and I love the knack they initiate, and I admire that nature in them to see the existence of a free and fair society through the penultimate “Barawo” and “Oh My Home”, that fills the exact spot, perfectly on this project.

Kpos Lifestyle Vol.1 also speaks from a lukewarm range of s3x and fun, praises God almighty, and seeks hedonism, including pleasurable tidings, grossing at peak. The theme of this album never slips diversification, and the fact is that it, therefore, shows a knack in them about how experienced they have become over the years.
Sophisticated Iyawo” carries an inert beauty and access made just for the women’s purpose. At this point, they adorn the African woman, likening her to a sophisticated iyawo that is special and deserves all the glorying she gets at this moment.
The song was an intense kind, and if you missed the duo before then, it was released a couple of years dated from their beginning with several great covers and features they earned, and the sudden appearance of this track on the album could mean a lot more for the African woman, I think they seem to have been observing all the protocols when it’s a turn for the womanhood to exist.

“Yafun Yafun” was mild and sweetened. Piego, alongside his magic chorus, was so beautiful and striking along with Knowledge’s effort. Slang and knack for great lyricism.
Symbiosis” featured vocals from Nissi, and it also shares the same love factor, although it was laid on slang and directly replicates a love that shares the exact song title with it. It was good, indeed.
Also, opening the project with the amapiano and pop-driven “Solace” should’ve been good enough, though, because that song is a great starter pack; while “Bus Stop” was not an all that perfect stroking when powerful Solace was by the side, and worthy enough to replete. I think the replay value of Solace is higher than any other track on this album, although it has few competitors it sits next to, which are “Sophisticated Iyawo”, “Symbiosis”, and “Pronto”, which did pretty well, indeed.

The album simmers according to many directions, replicating their experiences altogether. “Zamo” gives God praises and also sounds like pop used to ferment pure thanksgiving and wit for confessing sins. Knowledge lays practicality and realism through his lyrical sauce, and it became like a knack having self-experiences; it was rich enough to initiate you that exact thought and feeling that connects one with the most high. Zamo hopes to keep one sober, or at least in a state of remorse and repentance. “Kpos”, ends the album perfectly, exercising their slang and vulgar-istic factor. It paves a great album closure, with an illuminating beauty that ends like an ultimate finisher, which roots for the album theme to live longer with strong effects. Kpos, appeared on their 2018 debut LP titled, “Ideas In My Voice Note”, and it became the opener record, and as it closes this time around, it was sent from the future to match the theme of this album; also makes it a fantastic delivery and saves Ajebo Hustlers of enough peculiarity – I love them for that cause.

Final Thoughts
Ajebo Hustlers duo are impressive. They have a knack for remarkable peculiarity as an advantage. The P-H slang factor and the chemistry they share gives them an upper hand and a better chance in the industry for one to stick with and differentiate. And also, the fact that “Kpos Lifestyle Vol.1” is victorious and could be a very hopeful album that must replete innovation in the second coming, to make a perfect plant up next, while this first take could refer to as seeding. Well, I hope genuinely that vol.2 would give an entire explanation with a special knack towards their innovation to sprout the hustlers, bigger. Kpos!

Beats/Production:- 7/10

Lyrics:- 6/10

Composition/Arrangement:- 6/10

Best Verse:- NIL

Standout Track:- Pronto

Musical Moment:- NIL

Album Rating:- 8/10