Retro Sound:- Onyeka Onwenu – Walk Right Back [1982]


For today’s edition of Retro Sound, we take it all the way back to 1982, a year that saw the introduction of one of the finest Nigerian female vocalists of all time, Onyeka Onwenu into the mainstream music scene. Having officially begun her musical career a year earlier while she was still a staff of the Nigerian Television Authority, she released her debut album For The Love Of You which did quite well but did not achieve the desired national impact she had intended.

It was her sophomore album Endless Life, which was executively produced by the late Sonny Okosun that got her national acclaim and set her up on a path to international stardom. The 5 track album contained a chart-topping single titled Walk Right Back, a rendition of a track of the same name which was originally performed by American group The Everly Brothers in 1961.

Ms Owenu, who is still active as an actress and socio-political activist and is also fondly referred to as the Elegant Stallion, revamped the song in her own unique style and created one of the most recognizable singles of her career, at least to the early 80’s babies. The song can be enjoyed below.