Retro Sound:- Felix Lebarty – Chi Chi [1983]


For the best part of the 1980’s Nigerian pop artiste Felix Lebarty was arguably the most dominant pop musician of his ear and his music dominated the airwaves and topped various charts across the African continent. Once considered a protege of Chris Okotie, who was then the biggest pop star in the country and introduced Felix on his 1980 debut album I Need Someone. After years of honing his songwriting and performance skills, Felix developed his own identity as the “lover boy” and made the transition from a backing singer for Chris to become a star in his own right.

For Retro Sound today, we bring back one of his most recognizable hit songs titled Chi Chi, a single which is taken off 1983 album titled Lover Boy ’83. The song was one of the monster hit songs of the 80’s in Nigeria and may have possibly inspired Naira Marleys recent hit single of the same name. Check it out below.

Produced by Jake Sollo