Retro Sound:- Bright Chimezie – Life Na Teacher [1988]

Bright Chimezie - Life Of Yesterday
Album cover for Life Of Yesterday by Bright Chimezie. All rights reserved 2021
Bright Chimezie – Life Na Teacher

Iconic Nigerian Highlife musician Bright Chimezie is the focus of today’s episode of Retro Sound. The legendary musician began his career in the early ’80s and introduced a brand new Afrocentric, socio-conscious style, mixed with a strong dose of African humour and top-notch stage performance capabilities. He was also renowned for his style, which saw him popularize African traditional prints and ornaments like beads, cowries and totemic wood carvings all of which contributed to his signature ensemble.

He is also recognized for his electrifying stage performance and energetic dance moves that earned him the sobriquet Duke Of African Music and Legwork master by his teeming fans-Sorry Zlatan Ibile.

The artiste fondly referred to as Okoro Junior released a collection of chart-topping albums in the ’80s, most notably the eponymous Bright Chimezie (1984), Life Of Yesterday (1985), Oyibo Mentality (1987) and African Style (1990).

Some of his most recognizable singles are Respect Africa, Because Of English, Remember Your Roots, Can’t Rush The Sunshine, Ube Nwanne and Message Boy. His collective brand identity was christened ZZigima Sound, which he also named his band after.

His influence on the contemporary music scene today is still evident with artistes like Flavour Nabania, Selebobo, Zlatan Ibile, Harrysong, J.Martins and Bracket, all having been influenced by his music, style, sound, performance style and humour at one point in their careers.

Life Na Teacher is one of his most powerful, incisive and informative singles that has ever been released by a Nigerian musician and you can check it out below.

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