Opinion:- Buju’s Melodic Style Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Nigerian Pop Scene


BujuPopular Nigerian singer, Buju, makes music that genuinely creeps for ones emotional focus. He makes magical deliveries, first, borne out from his seductive vocal range, with heart felt infusions that he doubles upon pop instruments that one listens and stores at heart immediately. Buju indiscriminately carries a bunch of melodic experiences that offers a certain amount of great grit by the side, banking your sentimentality with his gentle caressing look, a mild vocal range and striking lyricism in between, it seems like his pleasure – most definitely; having set out to encore majority of female listeners on his audio saddle in motion, and mixing up his baby, attractive look, mostly seen energetic on his colorfully disposed music visuals.
Buju, also offers his art alongside a clotting wit melodies that makes the difference through his artistic experiences; it lingers towards a great introspection that rubs on hedonism, showering love for a woman’s body; also, it lies on sexual appeal in between a catchy verse and chorus that he muders incessantly and also have been built to elevate life of the party moments. Buju’s ability goes around the hedge to create witty melodies, it makes him a unique one as to have been an addition on the list of your most beloved Gen Z, Nigerian pop stars.
The drive has continued to grow audaciously that after He turned out to feature Odogwu, Burna Boy, on his 2020 smash hit single, “Lenu“, he exploded and till date after signing with Burna’s record imprints, SpaceShips, he has been on the rise and has been very promising.


Buju has gone on to feature on various songs like on Zlatan Ibile’s lamba and very pony “Spiritual“. He also loosened the edges of Ladipoe’s “Feelings“, were it had him delivering on a more stronger stance.

He is very talented and it means the replica as one with every singular proof of authenticity.
Buju has laid efforts that leads him as one who’s very remarkable and worthy after archiving culture moments through one of Ladipoes most exceptional songs ever recorded. Feelings is very trendy and have grown so big enough in between every social media challenge like Titok; scaling through to the top and has become every girls most favorite track, and yet, Buju has also dished another single recently titled, “Testimony“. It could be defined as a place of sealing his testament with something as strong and as beautiful as his talent blooms. It is a testimony to have gone thus far – it has been obviously a successful music career that still promises more for Buju. Testimony serves as what he is made off, and I believe he is yet to take off with a more proficient art by the side as he promises a song with Big Wiz that would slap so hard. According to Wizkid, “it is sex they created.”

It means, he has more in stock, promising a more penetrative effort with his witty and seductive vocals, in between his fine melodic abilities. Buju is set to continue raking streaming numbers and possibly should’ve been added to qualify with his artistry as one who might identify as the current Nigeria’s Headies next rated star. His definite and witty melodies, is simply what the Nigerian pop scene needs now. He is the now, a trendy one and many girls beloved. He is cute and he sounds like a superstar.