NS New Music Frontiers: Lady Donli, A Lady With The World At...

NS New Music Frontiers: Lady Donli, A Lady With The World At Her Feet


When we listed her “What Is Perfect” project as one of the standout projects of the year in 2015, we knew Lady Donli was on to something, and she has since proved us right.

Captivating, eccentric and free-spirited are some of the ways you could describe Lady Donli’s music. Imagine you blend alternative Jazz, RnB and Hip-hop in a mixture of poetic lyrics and a smooth mellifluous voice, the resulting delight is Lady Donli’s music.

Described as a Neo-soul artist in some quarters, Lady Donli comes across as more than a Neo-soul artist because there is definitely more to her sound. Her music simply transcends the usual and she could be described as a contemporary reincarnation of Yinka Davies with little foreshadows of Nneka, Ayo, Estar (of now defunct Resonance) and Asa. As you vibe to her songs, what you will discover is this creative soul that has masterfully combined elements of different genres of music and has discovered a psychedelic rare sound, and made it her own.


Still exploring and finding herself musically, the 22 year old University of Surrey law graduate from a family of six blends her extensive roots and experiences into her songs, delivering near personal experiences for listeners on each song she makes. She is easily recognized as one of the rising superstars that will make an indelible mark on the music industry, worldwide.


Lady Donli is at the forefront of a revolution of unusual musical characters, which has broken away from the norm and is currently sweeping the music world locally and internationally by storm.

Donli, Making Music In Her Early Days

Every song she makes comes from a place of deep personal experience, crafted through a well thought out process that ends up being very professional and laid back at the same time, and with close to millions of streams on streaming platforms, Lady Donli is definitely on to something and is breaking into the mainstream and garnering fans worldwide in the process. Having lent her collaborative prowess to acts like Lord Vino, Sute, Tay Iwar, Omagz, Boogey, Terry Tha Rapman, Oma Mahmud, Lady Donli has clearly been enraged by the new generation of creative, vibrant and dynamic music scene.

Boasting of an impressive discography of songs and bodies of works, Lady Donli has consistently delivered classics with her well meditated releases, raising the bar higher for herself with each new release. This is evident in her music growth down the years from her “What is Perfect EP” which was released in 2015, through her “Wallflower EP” released in 2016 to her recent body of work “Letters To Her EP” released this year. Also sandwiched in between these projects are flurries of standout videos, singles and features which includes Kashe Ni, where she rendered some parts in her Hausa dialect, her break out single “Ice-cream” where she was assisted by Tomi Thomas, “Poison” And her recent release, “Games“.

With writing similar to poetry, and a voice that brings a cool and calming effect like that of the morning dew, Lady Donli ropes you in, deeper and deeper into her sounds, till it ends abruptly, jerking you back into reality, by then, you have no choice but to go back into her reality, so you press play and start all over again, from the top.

Her unconventionality shows not only in her music, but also in her fashion, aesthetics and how she spreads her music. From her dreads ornamented with cowries and her uncanny dress sense, her distinctive fashion style grabs your attention immediately. Her dexterous utilization of social media has opened up a channel of direct interaction with her fans and always looking to connect more with her fans, she embarked on an innovative idea – “A Living Room Tour” where she performed for her fans in their own packed out living rooms.



Also known for her intimate and mesmerizing performances, she has graced major stages in Nigeria and she has left the audience spellbound and begging for more in her wake. Currently globe-trotting, she’s billed for performances in the UK and Canada and the USA with more dates getting added by the day.

Lady Donli is special artist, and although she may be a bit rough around the edges for now, you cannot afford to take your eyes off her, and she won’t stop, till the whole world hears her music. She’s ready, for the world to sit up and listen and She’s truly a lady, with the world at her feet.



  • NAME:  Zeinab  Donli
  • STAGE NAME:  Lady Donli
  • AGE: 22
  • GENRE:  Alternative  Soul, Hip-hop and RnB.
  • BREAKOUT HIT: Ice-Cream feat Tomi Thomas
  • NOTABLE SONGS:  Kashe Ni, Poison, Games
  • FULL PROJECTS:  “What is Perfect EP”, 2015; “Wallflower EP”, 2016; “Letters To Her EP” 2018.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA : @LadyDonli (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) www.ladydonli.com

Featured Images Credits: Instagram/Ladydonli, Tony Zitta, Guardian NG.