News:- “We Have Enabled Rape Culture & Killings” – Adekunle Gold, Reacting...

News:- “We Have Enabled Rape Culture & Killings” – Adekunle Gold, Reacting To Death And Rape Cases Of Tina & Uwa


The outrage on social media intensifies over the killing of teenager, Tina Ezekwe by a police officer, rape and murder of undergraduate, Uwa Omozuwa.

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold joined other celebrities to speak on the issue. He expressed his bitterness over the horrific incidents. He is of the opinion we as a society have lent a hand in the enabling of rape culture and police brutality.

“My heart bleeds. Uwa and Tina’s lives have been cut short because we’ve raised and enabled a generation of men who believe women should be exploited not protected.
We’ve enabled powerdrunk senseless men with uniforms and weapons.”

Adekunle Gold is against the argument of counter generalization in stereotyping men as rapists at this sensitive moment. Calling for better parenting and raising of sons in the society.

“We are not allowed to sit down there and say “not all men” fuck that! All men are responsible. Your brother’s heart is desperately wicked and you have enabled it, wether in catcalling or in objectification. We have enabled it. Not waiting on the government to do anything, don’t want to set myself up for further disappointment.
I pray we raise better sons and enable better men.”