News:- TG Omori Calls Out Sound City Awards Over Non-Inclusion Of Video...

News:- TG Omori Calls Out Sound City Awards Over Non-Inclusion Of Video Director Category


Award shows has to be one of the most controversial event in the music industry, if not the most. Music fans, critics and even artistes are never satisfied with final list of winners, nominees list, especially when their faves are left out.

We aren’t used to hearing music video directors coming out to criticize or bash an award show, just like their patronizing clients—artistes, but there’s always an exception or properly put, a first time.

Fast emerging music video director, TG Omori called out the organizers of Sound City MVP Awards on twitter for not creating a category for music video directors, just as is done for music producers and DJ. According to the young cinematographer, the Video of the year category is not enough.

He wrote, Hi @SOUNDCITYtv why do you have best music producer and Dj in Africa category in the #SoundcityMVP n no music video Director category? Or music video directors are not worth being celebrated….or we the weakest in the entertainment settings, video of the year is not enough!

Sound City’s official twitter pager responded with a tweet, retweeting a comment from a twitter user @fredzyvert who wrote, “Last year clarence peters carried the award with burna boy “ye”, with the caption — Hope this answers it @boy_director. ‘Video of the Year’ plaque goes to the Director. Blessings, TG!

This was unexpected from TG Omori, who has couple times reiterated he isn’t bothered about validations from winning awards and only concerned about becoming the best and scooping more money. In his subsequent tweets, Omori still held onto his opinion, calling for more respect accorded to music video directors.