News:- “Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry Is Run By The Yorubas & Ridden Of Tribalism” – MC Galaxy


Nigerian singer, MC Galaxy was on a live session on Instagram with Nollywood actor, Bola Adebayo. He had few things to say concerning the Nigerian entertainment industry.

MC Galaxy was questioned by Bola Adebayo on gis thought concerning the tribal differences in Nigeria. The Akwa Ibom born artiste of Ibibio descent, said the entertainment industry is predominantly run by the Yoruba ethnic group.

MC Galaxy says the industry is ridden with tribalism and segregation. Accusing the Yoruba folks of nepotism, exhibiting favouritism towards fellow tribesmen to the detriment of other ethnic group.

The conversation around tribalism is fueled by the crux of the moment—the Black Lives Matter campaign—arising from the killing of George Floyd by a white cop in Minnesota, America. This has drawn comparison of racism with tribalism in the local front, back in Nigeria.

This doesn’t sit well with a lot of fans, as they have resorted to lashing out at MC Galaxy. For his statement.