News:- MI Abaga Steps Down From The Helm Of Chocolate City Records

News:- MI Abaga Steps Down From The Helm Of Chocolate City Records


Jude Abaga popularly known as M.I Abaga has been at Nigeria’s leading Record Label, Chocolate City Music since he got signed to the rooster in 2007 as an artiste. He rose through the ranks, and was made the CEO of Chocolate City Music in June 2015. After Co-Founder, Audu Maikori stepped down. With former label mate, Ice Prince named as Deputy.

It’s been four years at the hem of affairs. But unknown to the general public, M.I Abaga recently stepped down from the office few months ago. No press release was put out concerning the development.

It only came to our notice when a Twitter user @freniqz tweeted at MI Abaga, claiming he transported all the way from Abuja to Lagos, with the intention to pitch his idea to the CEO of Chocolate City Music, but was told he isn’t present.

Somebody should please help me get this to @MI_Abaga I entered night bus all the way from Abuja bearing gifts and to pitch an Idea inform of a proposal to the CEO @MI_Abaga of @choccitymusic in Lagos, he isn’t here and I really need to see him”

M.I replied,

“Unfortunately I have stepped away from my role at CCM management.. email me at [email protected] and let’s see”.

Another twitter user, @InnocentGaius confirmed the news. He tweeted beneath the post that he had received an invitation and was shocked to see M.I Abaga referred to as “The Former CEO of Chocolate City Music “, and he wrote it off as probably a mistake.

He wrote, “I saw in one invitation they wrote former CEO I thought it was a mistake o”.

M.I further clarified he only left his managerial position at the company, but still under the label as an artiste.

However, a quick log on to company’s official website, still has M.I’s photograph as the CEO of Chocolate City Music.

This news is coming months after Chocolate City sealed a deal with American Giant, Warner Music Group in March 2019. Under the new deal, Chocolate City artists will join WMG’s repertoire and receive the support of the company’s distribution and artist services via its independent label services division ADA.