News:- Lord Vino:- False Accusation

News:- Lord Vino:- False Accusation [ Press Release ]

After extensive investigations and fact finding to clear my name from an unwarranted and unfounded false allegation, I have been able to establish that I have infact been a victim of anonymously peddled falsehoods, albeit through a Male imposter who has created a false account online parading himself as a young lady and dispersed this aforementioned false allegation.
Even though I was confident it was a blatant lie and I would have ordinarily ignored it, I have learnt in life that a false allegation left unchallenged can cause immeasurable devastation and create a stigma that may never go away for the rest of my natural life. That is why I have taken the pains to clear my name and avail myself an opportunity to continue peacefully pursuing my endeavours in life.
Following a conversation with the publisher of the false anonymous accusation, whose Twitter account has now been suspended, I have obtained irrefutable proof directly from her, buttressing my afore stated innocence as it relates to the story that was published.
I have been offered and accepted an unqualified apology from the lady responsible for posting the false accusations in the story published via her now suspended twitter handle and I am, with the help of private investigators and the Nigerian Police Force, still in the process of unraveling this malicious imposter who has since gone underground.
Please see attached images exposing the accuser as a fraud who is indeed confirmed to be a man and not a young lady.
In other more heart warming news, Lord Vino has promised to move on quickly from the situation and release new music this month.