News:- Jude Okoye Tells His Side Of The Story Over Cynthia Morgan’s...

News:- Jude Okoye Tells His Side Of The Story Over Cynthia Morgan’s Career With Northside


Northside Entertainment CEO, Jude Okoye was on Instagram Live with Instagram Influencer, Tunde Ednut. He tried to clear the air concerning accusations levelled against him over Cynthia Morgan’s career in his label.

He was questioned on a lot of issues, ranging from ownership of her stage name—which is her birth name, seizure of her VEVO accounts, expiration of contract and a lot more.

According to Jude Okoye also known as Engees stated he never held rights to ownership of her stage name ‘Cynthia Morgan’ which were given to her at birth by her parents. He says he has no authority to do so, reiterating no court of law will accept such case.

Jude Okoye says the decision by Cynthia Morgan to change her stage name to Madrina was way before she left Northside. She had brought up the intention while with his label, stating it meant ‘Godmother’, but he advised against it.

Mr Okoye recounted incentives Cynthia Morgan enjoyed while with his label. He said he bought her a Range Rover SUV, bought a land in the name of Morgan’s mother. According to him over 40Million Naira was invested into Cynthia Morgan’s career. 13 music videos were shot at a cost of over 2.5Million Naira each. Mr Okoye’s move to hold on to her VEVO account was as a result of no having fully recouped the investments made.

The Music exec, accused Cynthia Morgan of breach of contracts, stating she walked out of her contract before it expired. He accused her of receiving hidden performance fees without remmiting percentages to the Label, which her manager was aware and kicked against. In all of these, he never went after her with a legal court injunction.