News:- “Invest In A Nigerian Female Rapper And She’ll Do Better Than...

News:- “Invest In A Nigerian Female Rapper And She’ll Do Better Than Cardi B” – Mz Kiss


The comparison of the acceptance of foreign rappers as against their Nigerian counterparts by Nigerian fans and music market, each time a foreign rapper performs down here will always be a hot topic.

We saw this play out during J. Cole’s performance in 2018 at the Castle Lite Music concert, and just recently Cardi B’s in Lagos for the Livespot X show. The mass turn out for both events, and familiarity with the artistes’ music, left  questions on the hypocrisy of Nigerian rap fans towards our home grown rappers.

One rapper who is speaking up on this is Mz Kiss.

Mz Kiss took to her twitter page in series of tweets to speak against the neglect on female rappers. She seem to be irritated with the belief that women are groomed to end up performing culinary duties.

She wrote,

“Female Rappers are not taken seriously why? We are wired to believe that las Las na Kitchen she go end.

“And the Music Icons That have been to other countries and know that females there Pull numbers like Mad Won’t even sign this girls

Mz Kiss challenged record execs and stakeholders to invest in a Nigerian female rapper, and see if she wouldn’t do as good as their foreign counterparts.

You Like Cardi B? Well Invest In A Female Rapper here and see if she won’t fck shit up even better”

She went further to condemn our inferiority complex, speaking on how we hold to high esteem everything foreign but label ours inferior.

“That is how we are , we put Value on people and things we can’t reach, we like gucci but if we make our own, it’s ABA!!!”

Street-hop artiste, Small Doctor seem to agree with here, he endorsed her stance with a “Gbam” reply.