News:- “I Wish I Can Re-record ‘Tiff'” – Simi

News:- “I Wish I Can Re-record ‘Tiff'” – Simi


Perfectionist syndrome is quite common amongst creatives. We can say Nigerian songstress, Simi is one of them.

Simi recently revealed she wish she could re-record her break-out single “Tiff”.

She made this known on her twitter page. She had also earlier tweeted she had to get off her  comfort zone and tweak her methodology of songwriting to make some songs like “Tiff” and “Jamb Question”, to create more relatable music with mass appeal.

She wrote, “I literally had to train myself to write songs like Tiff and Jamb Question. I love, LOVE to play with words – but I had to learn to simplify my message (without dumbing down) cos I wanted the people listening to connect with me…but I also didn’t want to sound stupid.”

“Tiff” the single which brought Simi both to limelight was released on 8th June, 2014 under the label X3M Music. It was produced by Simi’s frequent collaborator, Oscar. “Tiff” got nominated for Best Alternative Song at The Headies 2015.