News:- “I Felt Intimidated Recording ‘Nephilim’ With Boogey” – Eva Alordiah


We love it when an artiste takes us on an exposé on trivia surrounding the creative process of a song, studio project or music video. This time we have beautiful Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah letting it out on the making of ‘Nephilim’ — a song by Boogey which features her and Tay Iwar.

Popular Lagos OAP, Tolu “Toolz” Oniru had made a post on twitter seeking for Nigerian songs to be featured on a sexy time playlist. She wrote, “Which Nigerian songs should be on a ‘Sexy time’ playlist?” A fan @youghb commented Nephilim by @BoogeyThat @TayIwar and @EvaAlordiah”, tagging the three artistes on the record.

Eva caught sight of the comment, she revealed how nervous she was recording the joint, considering the incredible lyrical prowess Boogey is notorious for. She couldn’t help but praise the talent Boogey is with the most ridiculous choice of word, stating the extra he made her go while scripting her verse.

She wrote, “Ooohhh but yes! I remember being so afraid of recording that jam with Boogey. I felt so frigging intimidated by him.”

“Such a damn Epic, talented asshole. Put me on my toes. Made me check my bars twice.”

Nephilim was released in November 2015. It was produced by BigFoot. A Nephilim according to many doctrines, is the offspring of an angel and a human. the song paints a male and a female, from two different worlds, who realise that they are perfect only for each other, but must compromise and meet somewhere in the middle.

Audio:- Boogey & Bigfoot – Nephilim Featuring Eva Alordiah & Tay