News:- “Cynthia Morgan Owes Me $30,000, Her Pride And Attitude Ruined Her”...

News:- “Cynthia Morgan Owes Me $30,000, Her Pride And Attitude Ruined Her” – Former Manager


A certain Joy Tongo, who claims to be Cynthia Morgan’s former manager accuses the artiste of debt, clout chasing, public manipulation for empathy and a lot more.

The young lady made the accusations on her Twitter and Instagram pages. She claims to have worked as artiste manager to Cynthia Morgan between 2011–2016.

Joy Tongo threatens to expose all of Ms Morgan’s dirty dealings against her management and Northside Label CEO, Jude Okoye.

She wrote, “Cynthia Morgan this is 2020, we haven’t forgotten all your dirt ! Internet does not lie , emails does not lie and much more . I am coming for you ! All the dirt you did to I and Jude and others you must pay this time around . Is over 4 years and you are still talking trash!”

In an already taken down post, Joy Tongo accused Cynthia Morgan of owing up to the tune of $30,000.

Further words from Joy Tongo has her advising Cynthia Morgan to tell the truth and stop pending lie. Stating she ruined her career herself due to pride and nasty attitude.