News:- “Art Loses It’s Value When You Compare It” – Oxlade

News:- “Art Loses It’s Value When You Compare It” – Oxlade


Just like in every career field there is, enthusiasts and ardent followers can’t help but compare contemporaries and even different generations in the game. Same it is in music, particularly the Nigeria scene. We’ve seen artistes pit against each other, a rivalry fueled by stans and cult followers.

Oxlade was placed alongside fellow young artiste, Lyta in a photo collage by a twitter user with the caption, “Who do you think is a better vocalist, Lyta Or Oxlade”. Oxlade stumbled on the tweet, he replied with a retweet speaking against artistes comparison and their creative works, stating it only makes it lose it’s value. Calling for a united one Africa and one afrobeats movement and fans to appreciate art void of comparison.

In quote, “One africa … One afrobeats Don’t compare art It looses its value when you do this… Appreciate it….”

The response has since garnered over 1,300 retweets, and over 5,200 likes. It also got an endorsement from Lyta as he also retweeted.