News:- “American Artistes Are Using African Artistes Like They Did To Jamaicans” – Samklef


Nigerian music producer, Samklef has been very outspoken on social media in the last couple months, from political activism to music commentaries. He was in the news about a week ago bashing MI for his comment on Akon calling Wizkid his lil bro, he is in the news again, this time he has few things to say concerning the newly found obsession of American artistes with the afrobeats genre.

Samklef posted a video on twitter in the early hours of Friday, January 10th 2020, which has him speaking on the romance between American artistes and Afrobeats. Samklef projects the American music industry as culture vultures, exploiting Nigeria’s crave for foreign validation to their sinister and selfish aim.

He illustrated his view, painting a scenario using P. Diddy, he said, “…..You see their PRO they are very smart, they be like……you know…..they will say P. Diddy play Fela’s music in your background. Once you post your picture, your video you’ll see all the Nigerians will come to your timeline…..”

“They’ll say you know what….just say sometime about Nigeria, they’ll rush your timeline. All of us go rush go, because them know say we be mumu”

He further went on to state it won’t take long they will hijack our sound, milk the genre and dump us like they did to the Jamaicans according to him.

In quote, “Guess what them go use us dump us, like them use Jamaicans then dump Jamaicans.”

He finally called for Afrobeats artistes to guard and protect their sound and genre from the preying culture vultures.

The post has been met with good reception as against contrary views from couple twitter users and music fans.