New Album – Eclipse Nkasi – Child Of Destiny [Download & Stream]


Nigerian rapper, singer and music producer Eclipse Nkasi kick starts the new decade with his debut album “Child of Destiny” which is an authentic expression of his journey, experiences and candid view of his life, his faith, the world and how they all fit together.

Just as destiny has a strange way of taking you to interesting places you never expect. This body of work takes you through a variety of moods which span from the happy and confident “King Right Now” to the emotionally vulnerable love rhythms of “Call on Me” and the brutally honest “Falling” which will bring you to tears.

Hope, self-doubt, faith, grief, love & gratitude make up the core themes of the album. Sonically, the album has something for everyone, from energizing afrobeats and grime infused bounces to meditative alternative and country hip-hop fusions. “Child of Destiny” captures the dynamism of life from birth to death.

In his own words “I just wanted to sing my truth and the truth is that I don’t have it all figured out (no one does). But on the path to destiny we face good and bad times and I want everyone who may be feeling the same way to know that they are not alone.”

Released under the imprint “The Wild Bunch” this album was brought to life with the aid of a creatively reckless production team. It also features a few artists whose talents and contributions helped furnish the tracks. Such as afrobeat singer and rapper “Pepenazi”, rock sensation and vocalist ‘Clay“, Tanzanian rapper and lyricist “Salmin Swaggz” and more.

Welcome to “Child of Destiny”

New Album - Eclipse Nkasi - Child Of Destiny [Download & Stream]