Kenya:- Ivlyn Mutua – Missing You [Video]


2019 is definitely Ivlyn Mutua’s year, and she is finishing strong.
The belle has teased studio sessions on social media, not giving information on what exactly was going on.
She recently revealed a Christmas album, dubbed “12 Beats of Christmas”, set to be released on the 1st of December.
This Ballad track features a sweet-sounding, emotional chorus that takes you deep. “Missing You” is one of the original songs to be featured in the highly anticipated album, “12 Beats of Christmas”.
Missing you is a compelling chorus and the lyrics are smart, thoughtful, unflinching and self-aware as she sings directly from her heart. They take you through a story in which the artist not only reveals her journey through challenges with life but also acknowledge that it wouldn’t be possible without the help of family who helped in staying positive through it all.
When asked about this sound, she had this to say,’’ As an artist, my aim is to impact with my music. Music that people can directly relate both emotionally and through the struggles so life. For example, if someone lost a loved one, despite the grief they should accept the situation and pull through with positivity.’’
You need to have this song on repeat because it will do exactly that. Missing you is out now, make sure you’re not left behind.