“It’s A Big Deal Afro-pop Is Worldwide, Considering Our Origins” – Bez

Bez Idakula
Promo photo of Bez Idakula. All rights reserved 2021. Promo copy only.

Nigerian alternative soul singer, Bez calls for more credits and acknowledgement accorded to the Nigerian music industry players and stakeholders.

On his twitter page the ‘Stupid Song’ crooner states it’s a big deal that Nigerian music is crossing over globally, putting into consideration the improvised low budget facilities and gadgets the industry works with.

He wondered how much more the Nigerian music industry would have achieved and done if it had access to more fundings.

“People need to understand why it is a BIG, HUGE deal for Nigerian music to be making waves worldwide. We figured this out. We used the most basic gear, no high end studios, recorded in rooms padded with curtains and blankets while the generator was blaring outside and still created magic! Now imagine, just imagine, the length, breadth and depth we could go IF… IF… let me just stop there. Selah”