Interview:- Rema On Capital Xtra Talks About His Life And More

Photo of Nigerian singer Rema, all rights reserved 2020

Rema was on Capital Xtra with Manny Norte on March 2nd, 2020 to talk about life, music and more.

The 19year old superstar revealed a lot in the making of his music, losing his father and brother, his ambition to push Afrobeats to the World, to break into the indian and arabian market.

He let’s us into his life before the fame. At only 17, he lost his Dad and older brother, pushing the teenager to work to fend for himself and Mom.

“At some point things got hard and I had to man up…. I had to work hard because I lost my brother and my dad… I had to work hard “.

Talking about his ambitions he makes it known he is gunning for world dominance. Rema is on a mission. He isn’t settling for the local champion title. He has dreams of taking the Afrobeats genre to the World stage. He feels the divine calling upon his generation to take our music beyond the African shores. And he plans to achieve that by fusing Afrobeats with foreign sounds to appeal to the global market.

“I tend to mix a whole bunch of cultures into one sound to make it have an impact in multiple zones across the world… I want to make the whole world dance. I’m not just doing it for Africa, I’m taking Africa along with me and sharing it to the world. Sometimes, people say I don’t sound ‘Afrobeats,’ but it has a taste of afrobeats in word, beat or flow…

“This Afrobeats, we can take it to every part of the world. It’s time to globalize Afrobeats just like Hip-Hop did. It’s left for me and my generation…

He is throwing his net like a fisherman to wherever the fishes are clustered in droves, one of such to Rema is the Latin America market. He intends making more music with sounds that appeals to it’s demography, which he already ventured into with a remix of Dumebi with Becky G. Then the Indian market and also the Arabian market.

I wanted more impact in the Latin-pop zone. I saw the rest of the world was rocking with it (Dumebi)… I wanted to get in that zone and I will get in that zone more this year. Even in the Indian zone… some people say I sound Arabian and Indian…

He also spoke on the creative processes behind the making of “Beamer”— meeting Rvssian, Jamaican producer whom he made the song with in Los Angeles, “Rainbow”, and “Dumebi”.

Watch the full interview below.