Interview:- Glenn Mena Talks About Growing Up In Warri, Discusses His Musical...

Interview:- Glenn Mena Talks About Growing Up In Warri, Discusses His Musical Direction And More


Interview Conducted By Obinna Fred

Nigerian Music is a constantly evolving landscape,and Lagos is not just the only City churning out talented Artistes, and one region that has been producing talented Artistes in Nigeria is Warri Delta State.Glenn Mena is the latest Artiste to seemingly blow up fro the region, and though he has been around for a while, he has not received the kind of love he is currently getting from fans with the release of his Nominal Hit Track Sound It Freestyle which is now getting airplay, circulating online, and has been trending on NS Since it drops, with an average of 100 Spins daily, so we caught up with the talented singer , who was very happy to speak with us and discussed his transition from a Soul Singer to a Pop Act, and Growing up in Warri, as well as His take on collaborating with Artistes, check out the exciting interview below, and get familiar with the man known as Glenn Mena.

Nigerian Sounds:- Whats Happening Glenn , Thanks For Taking time out to speak with us  

Glenn Mena:- Thanks broff. Nothing oo!! We chilling & pushing.

NS:- Now tell us, Who is Glenn  

GM:- Glenn Mena is a simple regular guy that loves life, music, people, sports & food. Glenn is 2nd out of 5 kids & is a graduate of Business Administration from LeadCity University, Ibadan.

NS:– Now tell us what was it like growing up in Warri  

GM:- Growing up in Warri was fun. It had it’s ups & down but in all I’m grateful for it & wouldn’t have asked for anywhere else if I had the chance.

NS:- When did You decide that Music was your calling, and when did you start Music professionally  

GM:- I don’t completely know yet if music is my calling. I feel like there’s something bigger & music is just the beginning of it. I started music professionally in 2008 when I met Black Noggin ( CEO Of Phat Joints Entertainment )  back in Obafemi Awolowo University OAU, Ife.

NS:- What Artistes home and abroad would you consider your influences, and who do you look up to Musically  

GM:-  I used to look up to a lot of people but that has changed with time. However, I am still influenced by the likes of R Kelly, Lauryn Hill, Al Green, Lemar, John Legend…..funny enough these names & their genre of music are totally different from the type of music I put out but that’s for the time being.

NS:- You first started out as a Neo-Soul Singer, and dropped tracks like Official Girl, and Take Me away , but your sound has changed, and is more Pop Oriented, what informed that Switch .

GM:- Well I love Neo Soul music anyday & everyday. If I have my way, that’s the type of music I would make but I realized music especially in this part of the world is what the people love and can relate to easily & if u are brilliant enough to fuse in a little bit of yourself in it, that’s an added advantage.

NS:- What would you say comes to you naturally, Pop songs, or Soul/Blues .

GM:- Soul blues straight up!!

NS:- We have seen Artistes like D’Banj, Iyanya,and Kelly Hansome, who started off as singers, but later switched their sound, why do you think Slower genres of Music are not really appreciated by Music Fans in Nigeria.

GM:- I think they are appreciated but by a smaller group of the music population. The typical Nigerian fast songs will always drive the grassroot fans crazy than the slow ones. Although conscious music is gaining grounds with time…I think it’s only smart if an artiste can pull both genres off so as to appeal to both group of fans.

 NS:- Apart from the Late Kefee, whom we know you worked with , what other Artistes have you worked with, and what was it like recording with Kefee in the Studio. 

GM:- Kefee ehn….May her Soul rest in peace. The song was introduced to her by Noggin. She heard it, loved it & got on it with me just like that. She didn’t take anything from us. She was too down to earth & she’s one of the easiest person I’d ever worked with on a song together. I have done features for artistes like Magnito, DJ Tizzy, Tesh Carter, Morell, iMike, El Meano, DJ Spin & a couple of others.

NS:- You dropped Movement in 2012, which I Thought was a Great single, how well did it do, do you think it should have done better, and why do you think it didn’t do as well as it should have. 

GM:- Yes I’m thankful for that song “Movement” because it put me on the map as far as Nigerian music is concerned. “Movement” as a song did very well. A lot of people knew the song but didn’t know the artiste. Maybe if I had put in a lot of work on my image as an artiste, Movement might have done better.

Glenn Mena – Movement Video

NS:- Your New single, which is more of a Freestyle Sound It has been garnering so much Buzz, so much so that you shot a Video for it, what inspired the track ? 

GM:-  “Sound it” was a playful song oo. The freestyle was even longer than that, we had to chop & screw it properly taking the best lines & fusing them together. Shout out to that super sound from ace producer & partner MaskMan & my illNostril family. The track was totally inspired by the beat.

NS:- What is your Label Status like presently, are you signed or independent ? 

GM:- Yes I am signed to Mask & Music Group (MMG). It is owned by me & my partner MaskMan. It’s like a baby we’re grooming & so far it has been growth from day to day.

NS:- What separates you from the pack of Nigerian Pop Artistes, There seem to be a lot of Artistes emerging from Nigeria on a Daily Basis, but what do you think you have to offer that is different from what we have in the Market right now ? 

GM:- Well I think in Nigeria, artistes plenty pass fans!! Lol.. Good thing is every body is trying to sound like everybody & that’s good for me. I’d always thrived at daring to be different & my music tells it all. There’s no way u will listen to any of Glenn Mena’s song & place him with the whole pack. Trust me.

Glenn Mena – Sound It Video

VNS:- Very Good Artistes have been emerging from Warri Lately, acts like Yung 6ix, Erigga New Money,Shuun Bebe and Dr Flezzy have been making quite some noise, what is it about Warri that produces great Music, and interesting Artistes. 

GM:- Haha!! True that….I think the experience that surrounds growing up in Warri is too rich to not be able to put out good music. Warri is an assortment of wordings, street, sounds, instrumentations and life as we know it. To a musician, that is a bucket full of inspiration if u know what I mean.

NS:- Do you have a Good Rapport with any of the Aforementioned Artistes, and are you looking to work with more Warri Artistes/South-South Artistes ?

GM:- Yes I do. Cyrus Tha Virus is my boss and Erigga is my Hommie….u forgot to mention Mo Fame too. We did a joint together a while back but it isn’t out yet.

NS:- As a South-South Artiste, what do you think about the State of the Region Musically ?

GM:- I think the South South has produced a lot of musicians that has gone ahead to serve the country good music. Too many to mention. So far, I don’t think they get the respect they deserve yet…..but soon that will change.

 NS:- In the Rap Scene Down South, Cyrus The Virus Just dropped Ojukwu, and dissed Yung 6ix Erigga, and M-Trill, Do you follow the Rap Scene ? And what do you think about the points he raised in his Recent Interview

GM:-  Well I think Cyrus is big boss & has been there way before us. Erigga is my Hommie & a couple others….but then it’s rap music and Ojukwu is a JAM!! Cyrus is a Boss, Erigga is sick, 6ix is dope & M-Trill is bad on the mic. That’s all I have to say.

NS:- What Artistes would you like to work with generally speaking ? 

GM:-  I used to have a couple of artiste I would love to work with generally but people form too much & I don’t believe one needs a feature to blow….I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but I just won’t beg for it. If I’ll feature any artiste, it will be on a friendship basis.

NS:-You are also a Fashion Model, what jobs have you done in the Fashion world ?

GM:-  I did a job for Nescafé way back & a few run ways but that’s about it. I stopped too early because of my music.

NS:- What comes first, Modelling or Making Music ? 

GM:- Making music definitely comes first before any form of modeling.

Swatch Cut (1)

NS:- What should your Fans expect from Glenn next Musically speaking ?

GM:- Glenn released the audios of •Sound it• & •Packaging• after his NYSC Pop. We already have a video out for “Sound it”. The fans should expect the video for “Packaging” real soon. It was shot in Dubai & it’s being edited currently.

NS:- When is the Album dropping ? 

GM:- I don’t know yet oo. We are not thinking of the album right now as we are taking this one step at a time.

NS:- What Legacy would you like to leave for your fans, and Nigerian Music generally  ?

GM:- I’d love to be remembered for coming, doing it different & leaving an impact while it lasted.

NS:- Where do you see Glenn 5 years from now  ?

GM:- If this goes according to plan, in the next 5 years, Glenn should be the most versatile recording artiste Nigeria ever produced.

NS:- Thank you for your Time, and God Bless Your hustle like AQ.

GM:-  Haha!! & yours’ too fam. Thanks.


  1. Because I know u personally I won’t praise u, so am begging u to please drop album, I know it aint easy but dude u have mad songs, go with the trend but do ur tin man, R.kelly does songs from all genres. Take a little gamble. Certainly warri would be known for great music also. Keep the fire burning man. Sound the Movement with ur Shawty, while u do some Packaging with Philomena, Keep Lo. Ve Rolling as a Warri Boy and Man Know Thyself. Peace