Interview:- Erigga New Money Discusses His New Album, The Journey So Far,...

Interview:- Erigga New Money Discusses His New Album, The Journey So Far, Da Grin and “Beef” with M.I

Interview:- Erigga New Money Discusses His New Album, The Journey So Far, Da Grin and "Beef" with M.I

Interview by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

Nigerian Sounds:- Can we Know You , Tell us Briefly who you are and how you started your Journey into Music 

Yo my name is Erigga new money aka Paper Boi aka Na Man you be ,aka New Money aka See Money..I am a rapper  Representing Warri ,delta state,
My journey in to music actually started way back in my secondary school rapping to classmates during break periods and freestyling with shit happening around them from then on started recording at the tender age of 9, battling any rapper on the streets till I meet Snow Man who now brought dis whole thing to the next level in which I am find myself now.

NS:- What has it been like for you since you got into the Music Industry in Nigeria

It’s been crazy boss lots of ups and downs smiles and frown but we good though still pushing

NS:- You Rap in Pidgin English,and the Last Hip-Hop Artiste that Charted in Nigeria with Pidgin Raps is Six Foot Plus , and Trybesmen also used Pidgin English a Lot , did these acts play a Part in your style,or what motivated you to rap in the Pidgin Lingo ? 

Ain’t gonna lie boss… 6 foot was my man though Learnt some stuff from him..use to be up in the cyber cafe playing his song on and too, most times 2shotz.. Those where the two hot sites I be checking all day..  Then I use to wonder how these cats was able to pull all this off  it was kinda hard then cos it’s never been done since Junior and Pretty.. So let’s just say in a nut shell those dudes really played a role in my style today.

NS:-  Your Lyrics are Explicit,and your Subject Matter Range from Sex to Violence to Drugs , and that Subgenre of Hip-Hop does not really Chart in Nigeria, how do you intend to Move units and Chart .

Boss that’s what I thought but checking my fans base these days it’s crazy out there, I see young bloods fucking with this pee and they call it where Da Grin left off but the streets is wat I represent and all these things you hear me say on my rap is what’s going on now.. Real matters boss..I am from the streets and that’s all I know boss

NS:- What are your Thoughts on the Nigerian Hip-Hop industry ? It is Rumoured that “Real” Rappers Get no Love,have you encountered any such ? 

Nahhh.. Unless you don’t know what you are doing.. Keep it real but still relate so your home boys could get what you are saying..

NS:-  When I saw your Video “Dem No Get 2 Heads” I was Hooked immediately , The Video was Directed by Tosin Igho,whom I respect , tell me how it came about 

Yeah wen I first came to Lagos the industry here was bubbling and jumping so many dance dance songs on air.I Had to calm everybody down so I hooked up with Igho to make a classic hiphop video,dat was my first video and till today still remains my favourite, but the media (Television) didn’t really gave it the sort of AirPlay it deserves, talking about I smoked too much in the video. thats what you get for being an up and coming artist in Lagos (Laughs)

NS:- You have worked with Lagos Based artistes like Sean Tero ,Timaya , Oritse Femi ,and Brymo to name a few,how were you able to pull those off without any Major label backing,being that you are based in Warri ?

One word for that boss… SNOWMAN.. The one that discovered me and made all this happen.. Snow man has a thing for talent and does whatever it takes to pull it off big time..

NS:-  What is your Label Situation now? It was Rumoured that you have signed with Kennis Music , how true is that ? 

New Money is still intact, Kennis Music only supported us as per events and promotion,that’s it.. Baba Keke likes the shit we came up with and worked with us that’s it, no deal boss…

NS:- You reference The Late Da Grin a Lot , on your tracks , did you know him Personally before he died ? Is that a conscious effort to keep his Memory alive ?

Personally I Never Knew the legendary late Da Grin,I saw him in a show once and was blown away at how he carried the crown, dude had so much talent in him.. You are right it’s all about keeping the memories alive.. Rip Da Grin God bless his soul..

NS:- What Are your Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums in Nigeria ? Which Rappers Did you look up to while coming up in the Game 

Malcolm IX by Mode nine , Thy Album Come by Ruggedman, CEO by Da Grin, Gino’s pain plus work, M.I’s first album .. I fucks with 2shotz Commercial Avenue so many sha..

2shotz, Ruggedman, Modenine, M.I, Sauce kid and Eldee Tha Don

NS:- You Talk about Marijuana in Your Raps a Lot , do you Smoke Weed for Musical Inspiration ? 

Nahhhh…  funny enough I don’t smoke or buzz before coming on stage or spitting a verse.. I only do that when am not working trying to socializing with my boys in the hood.. (Laughs out Loud)

NS:-  On your newly released Track “Mr Carter” ( Paperboi ) , you took Jabs at a M.I , and expressed dissatisfaction towards his New Single ( 7 Days ) . Do you have a Personal Problem with him ?

Nahhh I don’t have any personal vendetta with him I mean ,I love MI (no homo).. The 7 days song was not something I expected from him though cos fuck it everybody knows what it is when your favorite rapper turns RandB (Laughs) dude went too soft on that track.. The thing is, I don’t like that song it’s just a dissatisfied fan complaining , that’s whats up (laughs).. But M.I is one of the best to ever bless the microphone around here..

NS:- What is your relationship like with Rappers in the Music Industry,especially Warri Based Rappers ?

We all cool boss.. I’m just holding it down for each and every one of them putting a face to the industry down there.. I see Yung 6ix most times, Yung Hanz too, it’s just like that boss.

NS:- Warri is Known for producing some of the Best Comedians ever in Nigeria,and have not yet had a Mainstream Rapper except Yung 6ix who is signed to a Lagos based Label,do you think you can break that Barrier between Warri Based Rappers and Nigerian Mainstream Hip-Hop ?

Boss the wait is over.. Let me ask you a question here. When you start playing shows across your state and peeps are calling you from all over the country asking about your shit.. Isn’t that breaking grounds??? [Interviewer agrees Totally with him]

NS:-  What was it like Growing up in Warri ? I heard its rough out here .
It’s really rough boss, Gun fights, between gangs,it’s kinda like Bloods and Crips but God dey sha we manage to rise up from all that.. I believe it’s everywhere sha

NS:- What Project should we expect from you next ? when is the Album dropping ,and what should we expect in terms of Guest appearances and Production ?

I’ve been dropping freestyles on and on just to spice the hustle,My album is dropping second week of April thanks to God we’ve got two major marketers on the project.. I leave that part till when the album comes out boss.. But trust me it’s definitely worth the wait boss..

NS:- What’s the Most Valuable Advice a Fellow Artiste/Industry head has ever given you ?

“Keeping doing your thing young blood.. As long as you are doing the right thing you gonna get there”.. That’s word from my Mo-Hits fam…

NS:-  Say One Last thing to your fans out there .

If you add me for Facebook or follow me for twitter/ when we meet for life I go follow you half my Alomo bitter.. Lol.. Just keep doing you ,YOKO ,you only Kpuff once brother.. God dey no worry we go make am cos all these people when dey make am so them no get two heads oh..

It’s Erigga new money holding it down for Paper Boiz Gang.. Warri till I die 2012

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