Interview:- Cyrus Tha Virus Breaks Down “Ojukwu”,Explains His Beef With South-South Rappers...

Interview:- Cyrus Tha Virus Breaks Down “Ojukwu”,Explains His Beef With South-South Rappers And Says He Has Never Liked Buhari


After dropping Ojukwu, and putting the Rap game again in another Frenzy eliciting some vitriol from different Rappers on Social Media , The game has been turned up.The song Ojukwu [ Ether The South South ] on which he dissed Yung 6ix, M-Trill and Erigga,as well as address Hip-Hop listeners, and more South-South Hip-Hop Artiste [ Benin City to be Precise ], and Arrow Gang CEO Cyrus Tha Virus took time to grant us this exclusive interview, discussing the reason for the Track, and why he feels Nigerian Hip-Hop needs a Renaissance.He also spoke on his purported beef with Mo-Fame,M-Trill, Erigga New Money, Yung 6ix and Pherowshuz.In his Usual fashion.He also touched on “Never Liking” President Elect Muhammadu Buhari and likened his Track Ojukwu to American Rapper Big Seans Single Contorl, which featured Kendrick Lamar with an infamous verse.The interview is honest, revealing and no holds barred as he made sure he broke down everything to us ,Check out the full interview below

Nigerian Sounds:- Whats Happening Cyrus, Thanks for taking time out to speak to us

Cyrus Tha Virus:- I’m good like that. Its been a while! Nigeriansounds is family, so whenever they holla or anything, they get first dibs on what’s up. Y’all have been there from the get go, so its not hard to always wanna do an interview with y’all. The pleasure is always mine..

NS:- You just released A Track Ojukwu [ Ether The South-South ] , which is causing quite a Frenzy online, what was the reason behind the Track

CTV:- Thank you. Wow, Where do I begin from? Yes I dropped Ojukwu. Yes Kendrick(Lamar ) did that amazing Control verse. Yes I went at the 3 top MCs from the South-South. Yes, Kendrick went at Drake, Jay Electronica, Big Sean, Killer Mike, A$ap Rocky and every hot Rapper he deemed competition. Yes, I had demons I had to put in the casket. Yes, Kendrick had demons he had to exorcise. Yes, the South-South was getting basic and complacent. Yes, American Hip-Hop was becoming a proliferation of weak MCs that should hold hands together at a bonfire and sing Christmas carols. Yes, South-South Hip-Hop was getting slept on once again, because the MCs weren’t putting Out fire, and by large Nigerian Hip-Hop needed some fire, some spark. The same way American Hip-Hop needed that K-dot Verse On Control. So you, tell me, what’s the difference between what K-dot has done and what I just did for South-South, spark the game?!!!! Aha!

NS:- On the Track you dissed M-Trill, Erigga New Money , and Yung 6ix, all of Whom you have previously Dissed on Black Flag and It Wasn’t Given to me,So it wasn’t shocking , but we thought you were cool with M-Trill and Erigga, why diss them ?

CTV:- Mtrill, Erigga, Yung 6ix are the only other MCs that I deem competition, and the 4 of us together,by Large, outside the south Region are the Only ones that will get 1st mentions when anybody asks about South-South Hip-Hop Right now. I know a lot of other MCs are going to grumble and say: “ha! Na wa oh! Cyrus say we no be reach for am to acknowledge oh….” But its the Goddamned TRUTH. You wanna call the 5 top south South MCs, its the 4 of us, and anybody can fit in Number 5.

Back to the matter, I dropped Ojukwu, a song that Not Only took shots at M-Trill, who everyone says is cool with me so they’re surprised, Yung 6ix who everyone knows we ain’t cool, and Erigga, who everyone says I endorsed in “Mugee” [ South-South Anthem ] , when I said: “if you ain’t Erigga we ain’t feeling you“, and now I will itemize and explain.


Trilla is a dope MC. He’s won a Channel O music Video Award and to me, that’s exceptional. I don’t know if any South-South MC will ever do that again ( Editors Note:- They Wont as Channel O Is now defunct ). But what I do know is that Lately, M-Trill hasn’t been dropping anything. I feel he is unconcerned with what’s going on in the South. People walk up to me like: “Mtrill is wack mahnnnn!” And I wanna burst these pussies jaws because M-Trill to me is a Dope MC. BUTTTTTTTT, M-Trill is Slack, and complacent! He should be kicking Bars, keeping the Train going on. I felt he was too unconcerned, and I took shots at him, to spur him to drop a hot verse or something again, even if he has to diss me, please diss, because M-Trill has forgotten who he is, and he needs to remind this New generation that he is an Imperial MC, because these new cats always forget who birthed them! And if you ever get a new hot verse from M-Trill, Know that y’all owe Cyrus some praise and gratitude for that, and if you don’t get a verse from M-Trill, know that’s he’s slackened. Period! E hard to understand???lol

NS:- Erigga Has Not quite responded on Wax, but his tweets allude to the fact that your grouse with him stems from the Fact that he refused to take your side while you were dissing Yung 6ix, and even turned down your request to feature on a Diss Track, is this True?

CTV:- Erigga, my Nigga Erigga! Lol! Short man, big ego, blinded by his own height deficiency! Smh. Erigga is a Murderfucking Fan. (Check the album art for Okorowanta, and mine for Rebellion I did 2/3 years ago!lol) Erigga is one more reason you shouldn’t trust short people. Dem too dey yarn dust, anything for attention. Anything to be mentioned. Above all ERIGGA IS A FUCKING LIAR! Let’s go down in history, shall we,gentlemen?


Cyrus Tha Virus “Rebellion” Album Cover 


Erigga New Money “Okorwanta Since 1985” Album Cover 

Editors Note:- I Had not observed the similarity between both Album covers before, but its Glaring right now 

Erigga was an unknown cat from the south south. One day, I was at Ray X’s studio and Ray Played his “Dem no get two heads” video. I saw it. I was like: “wow! Homie can spit, a bit raw, but I get that’s his style. Its good, because the south just got another MC, who can carry on from when we finally draw curtains“. When Terry Tha Rapman came to Benin city and we hung Out, I took Terry to Ray X’s studio. I played some Erigga songs for him there, played the Video,too. That was the 1st time EVER Lord TR ( Editors Note: Thats what Terry Tha Rapman Is Called Nowadays ) ever heard of anybody called Erigga. That’s what I do homie. I help propagate people. I don’t stifle development. Another Occasion, I was at Ray X’s studio and Erigga and his Manager came too. I think it was His manager or Ray X who said: “yo, Cyrus is here oh, you gats go hail am” Because next thing he did was come up to me and say: “bros, I greet you oh, I nor know say u dey here….thanks for starting the fire of the south south Hiphop” We chatted like homies, I told him he was doing a good job, he should keep going, we exchanged numbers and contacts.

Later on, Me and Biggsplash were acting as Artiste liaison for Oxygene Bar, the hottest, snazziest Bar in Benin City. We did Freestyle battles, same battles that cats like Monemsis and Mo-Fame started to cut into the happening Music crowd (shout Out to Monemsis for kicking Mo-Fame’s ass in that Freestyle finale, and if y’all didn’t ask me about Mo-Fame, I’d get back to him after Erriga)….so during one of the events we organized, Erigga performed, later he came to me and told me how much I inspired him, how my music helped him realize he wanted to do this. And so we really became cool afterwards. And now, fast forward to the whole King of The South brouhaha. M.I endorsed Yung 6ix as King of the south ( on the Track Export ). Now. Pause that. M.I, a Northerner/Middle-Belter, comes to the South and says:“Yung 6ix is king of the south”. What does M.I know about who’s repping in the South? Just cuz I came to hang around in your studio and its only a couple of my songs you’ve heard, don’t mean u can crown me King of the South, why? Cuz u don’t know South-South Hip-Hop that well! and that’s disrespectful to all and sundry from the South!! Before I digress, when news of M.I calling 6ix King of the South got to my ears, I hit Erigga up and said: “yo! What’s Up with that? That shit is foul mannn, I think you have to same something about it”, JUST THE SAME WAY I hit M-Trill up and M-Ttrill said, if a nigga don’t stay in the South, u can’t crown who rules the south, I also hit Ray X up, Andy Bello up, Osagz up, Fazillion up and everybody who I deemed a custodian to Nigerian Hip-Hop South! Now, Erigga Claims I wanted us to do a song together to diss 6ix. Huhhhhh??? Yung 6ix??? Mannnnnnn I’m 300-in-one spartan, if I wanna diss the full Nigeria, I don’t need anybody, I can go at the industry my muderfucking darn self mannn!.Erigga felt slighted by M.I’s Yung 6ix endorsement, and he said some stuff to that effect on a BBM chat with me, and I told him: “Erigga, you have to say your thoughts on this issue on wax…cuz that’s how REAL MCs talk, on wax!” Guess what Erigga did? Through BBM, he sent me a song he had recorded that day or so, “Kala Music” that he was CLEARLY subbing Yung 6ix on! Y’all Nigerians NEVER LISTEN to songs, that’s why shit escape your heads! When I said ( On Ojukwu )  “Erriga dey sub anyhow like David Moyes/Bitch do u want war, which one be No…Yes?” I was referring to everything Erigga has been doing from the onset. Find Kala music and download [ Download Here]. He was CLEARLY taking sub shots at Yung 6ix. He already did that shit before our chat, homie can’t even stand on his own, and he claims that I wanted him to do a collabo-diss dong for 6ix. Erigga claimed I wanted to do a diss song for 6ix in colabo with him. That’s a muhfucking LIE! I wanted to put Erigga on an Igbo(weed) song, everybody knows he smokes SK, so for my Infiltration Mixtape, I wanted Erigga on “Igbo”, that’s why I dropped that line “I dey listen to Trey songz, I dey hear Erigga”, but Erigga was on a lazy streak, he’d tell me he’s coming to Benin, or one clumsy reason, I should please wait, he’ll come spit, man, I got tired like dude ain’t serious, and I featured D-Truce on it. It was sooooo beautiful when Mo-Fame went on twitter to claim I had a problem with Erigga, cuz Erigga didn’t wanna do a diss song with me for 6ix. Ask Mo-Fame: “YOU DEY THERE WHEN E HAPPEN? NA FOR YOUR PRESENCE E HAPPEN?” If the answer is No, stop bearing false witness, shut up and face your TV presenter Job. And I will get to Mo-Fame’s issue with me in a bit.

So, Erigga dropped Kala Music, a song sub dissing 6ix, and it flew over their heads,because y’all deaf! And peep this, even when Erigga got Nominated for Hip-Hop World Awards “Street Hop Category for Mo Street Gan“(in 2012) , I was the ONLY respected MC who endorsed and campaigned for him on all my social media platforms, cuz I believed it was time the South gets recognized for all our Hardwork. Because prior to that, I Myself was Nominated for next rated at the Hip-Hop World Awards, alongside Wande Coal, MI, Banky W, GT Guitar Man ( in 2008 ) Some funny shii happened, during the voting process, that made me swore to always support my own men. If I hated Erigga would I endorse him on my songs? (“If you aint Erigga, we aint feeling you! Off “Mugee”) or on my social media??? Fast Track to That Pherowshuz song, that had 6ix dissed me on ( Niggaz Fear ) . Firstly, Kudos to 6ix, that’s how REAL MCs do shit! You say your mind on wax! I was like Whoa! Whoa! Whoaa!! So I replied him On Black Flag, easy! For the new couple of weeks, Cyrus and Yung 6ix was the topic in the whole south and Lagos Hip-Hop shows. Radios,TV andMSocial media. I liked the buzz it was creating, not cuz of the diss, BUT that FINALLY, everybody was raising a brow and saying mahnnnn, some shit is happening in the south oh! Interesting..everywhere u went, it was touted: “who is the king of the south? M.I endorsed Yung 6ix, or Streets endorsed Cyrus..……No mention of Erriga. You know how ego and pride possesses the best of us. He wanted a piece of the action. And the next thing you know, he’s subbing me on almost 3 or 4 songs (I wonder why is he always subbing, he be Chicharito? Lol), and when he did, I was like: “nahhh, I’m too busy right now…..I know what he’s up to….I’m consolidating my business right now….I’ll get back to him later.. And I did. With Ojukwu. So,how come Cyrus is the one called the troublemaker? Aha! And it hurt him. And he’s tweeting holding Ghanaian Cedis with women of easy virtue looooool! Come on na, is that what Rap has become? Tweets? Mentions? Pictures of money we can’t confirm is yours? I can hold half a million naira in my hands, but can u confirm its really mine? Ho ass nigga! Spit yo shit! And for extra measure, I will Add Mo-Fame.

Mo-Fame was a Hip-Hop nobody. Till I took him up. Mo-Fame was on social media before me,nobody listened to him. But when I came on, I saw his energy, liked it. I asked him do you wanna roll with my set? He said hell yea. So we kicked it off. I NEVER SIGNED a deal or anything with him. I’m straight like that. Other guys will bring a paper to sign, incase he reneges, he’ll be held in court, Oh well, I didn’t. Its called pay-it-forward. You bless someone without strings attached. So in turn, they bless someone else with no strings attached. Mo-Fame became a member of Arrow Gang. I gave him a marketable music face. Not all those rap rapper rappest things. I put Mo-Fame on the biggest stages in his life so far and ever since he left Arrow Gang, he hasn’t done any better! I put him on South-South Music awards Hip-Hop showcase. That’s when his own town Benin knew there was a Mo-Fame. I put him on Wax Lyrical Rebellion showcase. That’s when Lagos hiphop scene knew a Mo-Fame existed. I remember to crown it all, to tell Lagos that we South MC’s are coming, I invited Mo-Fame and Erigga to close the show with me. It was FIRE!!!!!! Everybody who came that day, left with blood in their eyes and fire in their veins! And yet, muhfuckas say I don’t put the young ones up! Lol! Now, after Mo-Fame rolled with Arrow Gang, omo boy come dey frosh, dey tush up. Everywhere I went, I took Mo-Fame too. I introduced him to people and stuff. Even to Andy Bello that he now works for. A record label seeing how viable he was becoming, approached Mo-Fame. Legendary Records. After we had toiled and rolled together, just cuz I didn’t sign papers with this dude, Mo-Fame went behind my back to talk to Jero, the owner of Legendary Records. I was angry. I was livid. I remember Dj Buzzle, hit me up and pleaded, that he ( Mo-Fame )  is young. He didn’t know how to tell me. Buzzle Begged me to let it go. That God will bless me for reaching Out to people. Guess what I did? I LET IT GO! I didn’t say a word. Did y’all ever hear me say something bad about Mo-Fame? Nah! I kept it one hunnid. Cuz I don’t slay homies I used to beez ( do business ) with. Jero Legendary reached out to me, and we became cool and stuff, I left everybody to their fate. Mo-Fame started recording at Ray X’s studio under Legendary records. I dunno what happened. Ray X and Mo-Fame fell Out, Fought and shit. In the presence of Jero Legendary, Mo-Fame smashed something and Jero withdrew his label arrangement support from Mo-Fame. So here was Mo-Fame, no Arrow Gang, No Legendary records, No Ray X. Ray X withdrew all the songs he produced and wrote for Mo-Fame. That shit wasn’t my biz at all so I unlooked. I started recording My own Mixtape Inflitration. So I told Ray X, write/produce a song for me that’s very un-Cyrus, so I can adapt and deliver a song I didn’t A&R. Ray X said: “Cool” He hit up Legendary Records other Artiste B’robby, and said come do this hook for Cyrus. When Ray X and B’robby finally played the beat and hook for me, I was like: “this song sounds soooooo familiar, where have I heard it before?”, Ray X said he wrote/produced the song for Mo-Fame but since he and Mo-Fame fell out, I can have it. I was like: “ARE YOU SURE??” Cuz I don’t want disrespect oh! He said he was sure. That I should have it. So, I was like: “Cool!”, we recorded what was a very good song “Bosibi”, and being the straight Nigga I was, I hit up Mofame and told him everything,And Mofame told me it was cool! I was like: “you sure??” And he said hell yeah, that no problem. So I dropped the song along with Plethora feat Monemsis. Mofame heard it, went around my back saying stuff, Evaezi hit me up and said: “Mo-Fame is aggrieved oh, u need to go sort that shit out”, so I did. AGAIN. And Mo-Fame said he was cool,So that shit was sorted and because of that, I never added Bosibi to my Infiltration mixtape, cuz I no like plenty talk. This was a song I paid for, worked for, and yet I dropped it off my mixtape. Why, for respect purposes. You can Interview Ray X, or B’robby, and Even Mo-fame! HE WILL NEVER TELL EVERYBODY THE TRUTH, because EVERYBODY wants a problem with Cyrus, it makes them feel alive, recognized and worthy. So, after Mo-Fame got dropped from Legendary records, he worked hard at his, to put out his Mixtape. To be fair to him and to my muhfucking goddamned self, I didn’t help him promo shit, I didn’t say a word to help him propagate his Mixtape. Now, ask me: why the fuck would I wanna do that?? He tricked me, left Arrow Gang. got into a record deal behind my back, you can call Dj Buzzle On that, I didn’t get angry. When Mo-Fame and I saw, I played it cool! Homie, u aint On Arrow Gang anymore why should I help u propagate your mixtape? Since you say u no need me, do am yourself na! Abi? He was aggrieved I didn’t help him. Started saying I stole his song (suddenly! Lol! Him no add say Na Ray X give me song oh! Suddenly I was the Devil)We chatted in Our Twitter DMs. and I told him straight up, me and u aint cool. But we can be Civilized about it. I called his 3 numbers, he wasn’t picking,and so I let it go! No harm, No Foul, So let him Keep saying stuff about Cyrus. Me and you last saw 2 years ago, but you still talk about me, You Go run your Mouth anyhow, thee day I vex, I’ll drive to your office and Beat you in front of Andy Bello, and NOTHING go happen. You dey forget say real life no be Twitter and Instagram, Dey forget your sense. When I battle cry, all the Rat Niggas wey dey join shoulders with you go run inside hole! Still claiming hurt. Boo hoo cry baby. If you wasn’t busy being Erigga’s Dildo, his spokesman for what u didn’t know and CONFIRM, you probably would have been an Exciting MC right now. This issue is dead buried. Shit. I will NEVER mention the Name Mo-Fame in my life again. He’s the past. Bye boy!

 NS:- On Ojukwu You also said “Nigerian Rap Fans Made Olamide Start To Turn Up” , Could you expatiate on that please ?

CTV:- Olamide is really inspiring. I was one who didn’t think he’d come this far. Its amazingly phenomenal, his transformation, from a fringe MC, to a Top 3 Rapper in the Country. I’m mind Blown! I love Olamide for his Grimy street records, “Eni Duro”, “Voice of the Streets” etc. Olamide is one of the grittiest, rawest, acceptable rhyme spitters out right now. Voice of The streets is my phone’s ring tone, But the way Nigeria is set up. We start off Being MCs then after a while, we start doing Owambe music, Shoki and all. Its a good thing sales/shows-wise. But its a bad thing for the Hip-Hop culture. Because you’re telling the new ones, climb on the back of Hip-Hop to fame and dump it for owambe sounds. it wasn’t a shot at Olamide. Its a shot at the Nigerian Music that: “must Nigerian Rappers do party music before we become successful???” “Y’all made Olamide start to turn up” is personification for, y’all made Nigerian MCs do party music, just to survive”. Shout Out to YBNL nation. I don’t wanna get into the whole “Local Rappers” song, that’s for another interview. Abeg.

NS:- What do you have to say to People who say you are a always trying to stir up controversy with diss tracks instead of unifying the young Rappers in the South-South

CTV:- I just wanna say, they misunderstand me DELIBERATELY just because they hate what they don’t understand, word to Nas. Nigerians hate truth. That’s why the Rappers who spoke against Bad Government on Wax and Social Media, got more insults than those who campaigned for Politicians. I’ve dropped 3 Bodies of work. I promoted the South-South in everything I do. I’m on my 4th work right now, and trust me,it will be EPIC! They want me to unify the South? What South? I’ve been unifying the South since. Every MC I’ve rolled with at one time or the other,I supported with my advice, voice, word, money and all. I’ve reached out to everyone I can, from M-Trill to Boogey to Kanebi to Mo-Fame, to Erigga, to Zoey Blaq, To D-Truce, To Blaq Bonez, To AQ, to Big T to all the 30 MCs on my infiltration Mixtape, Wetin I go do pass that one? The people complaining are those who wanna get spoon fed! I can’t do that anymore. I’ve wasted time, money and energy on those who didn’t deserve it. My fingers are burnt. I no do again. I propagate the South-South. I am the South-South. I don’t try to fit into the Lagos sound. I typify the South. Whenever OAPs, VJs and DJs wanna talk about the South, I’m always who they wanna seek interviews from. I ain’t Jesus, I try for who I can. I can’t multiply 5 loaves and 2 fishes and feed the South-South. If you hate me, and I don’t know you, you just hate my energy and the fact that you can’t climb my back to recognition, like other murderfuckers did and tricked me. Controversy Pays! So pay controversy!!! The two top talking Moments for Hip-Hop right now in the South, was the Cyrus Vs Yung 6ix issue, and now Cyrus Vs Everybody issue. If I don’t say a word about the South-South in a year, NOTHING happens on the Hip-Hop front. That’s how lazy they get outchea! They kiss each others asses and lie to each other when in reality, they hate each other! Ojukwu is the Same thing as Control! ( By Big Sean, Jay Electronica And Kendrick Lamar ) Its a challenge! Rap is a bloodsport. Na men be Rappers! Not Hoes who tweet funny insultive tweets. Not idiots who wanna mention me for Instagram. Spit yo shit on Wax, Or shut up! Nobody wanna see u with Hoes and holding money that we know u don’t have! Get back to the basics! Hot Hip-Hop tracks. Not dull songs u put out, and your dick-sucking Fanbase tell you: “baba, that song tight oh!”

NS:- You appeared on the Politically Charged Fuck Em All by Beazy a song that also featured Boogey, whats your Opinion on the Victory by APC In the Presidential Elections,and do you think General Buhari would bring the Change Nigerians need ?

CTV:- Yeah! Word to Beazy for always reaching Out! That’s one of the most slept on, amazing MCs in the country. He has a Gameplan. Just watch. He’s gonna go Ape on yall! I appeared on Fuck Em All alongside Boogey because a lotta Rappers were being Mute,at a time Nigerians were suffering and they needed to be guided in the right way, Rappers who are supposed to be custodians of the truth to the masses would rather be dancing in Politicians videos or putting out party songs. At a time Nigeria is dying! Now, you talk about South-South, Apart from me, Name one other South MC who spoke against politicians and the need to Vote well. Not one! And Yet, the South-South is the region with the most retarded socio-economics development since 1960! YET our MCs are putting out party songs! That’s how lazy they’ve become!

I don’t wanna say so much about President-Elect Buhari. I’ve never liked him because of what he did to people when he came in through a coup ( after he ousted Shehu Shagari in 1983 ), But he has won Fair and Square. He made promises to The Nigerian people. I hope he fulfills them. I really hope he does……saiiiiiiiiii

NS:- What projects are you presently working on at the Moment ?

CTV:- I will keep everything secret. I don’t wanna talk anymore. They will start seeing WORK, not words. But trust me. I’m coming like a 16-wheel Mack truck with no brakes.

NS:- when should your Fans expect your next Video, And when is the Album coming ?

CTV:- This year. This year. The answer to both questions.

NS:- Any last words for us ?

CTV:- Yeah! To those who hate me, If you haven’t tried to know me before you judge me: fucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! And to those who don’t like my style of Rap, I’ve been rapping that way before y’all left secondary school, Rap is a hydra headed multi-style poly-theme genre of music. I can’t rap like Kendrick, or M.I, or Modenine, Or Jesse Jagz or Phyno…..I am Cyrus…..if you don’t like my style/vocal texture/flow, it means my music isn’t for you, quit bitching and: fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! Peace!:D

NS:- Thanks For Your Time Cyrus

CTV :- Fucccccccccccccccccccc……Oops! Sorry! I was supposed to say you’re welcome! Lol! Thanks Nigerian Sounds for being a seeker of the truth and a guardian of Hip-Hop! Glad you guys are back. Peace!