Inside The Mind:- Payper Corleone Interview.

Paper Corleone Photo
Photo of Nigerian rapper Payper Corleone. All rights reserved 2021



N.S:- You have often leased instrumentals and beats from American rappers, most recently Jhalil Beats who has produced for American superstars like Lil Wayne, Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana and Wiz Khalifa. Could you explain that aspect of your creative process and expand upon the technicalities of creating music collaboratively in an unorthodox manner that has seldom been explored before in Nigerian Hip-hop.

P.C:- The music world is changed my G. The internet makes it easy for you to find and interact with people that match your creative train of thoughts at a given time.

N.S:- you have constantly mentioned SinZu as your primary inspiration, which other rappers are your musical influences home and abroad.

P.C:- Home base – Sinzu, Naeto C & Da Grin… now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy music from other artists as well as other genres but the above names are people that painted pictures just how I wanted them to be and inspired me to pick up the pen one time or the other.

Abroad – Lil Wayne, Jadakiss & LOX, The Game, Fabolous, Griselda, New York Rap and the entire battle rap scene…. to name a few… FunkFlex Freestyles, Sway Freestyles and all that.

N.S:- Still on Sinzu, you featured him on your latest record, and that is one of the few collaborations he has done since he was released from prison. How did this record come about and what’s the impact on your career?

P.C:- It’s easy to get along with people who are cut from the same cloth as yourself. If you listen to me and you listen to Zu, there’s no way you wouldn’t find similarities of his influence on my style

So it was pretty easy to lock in with him and make music… We basically were just in the studio playing beats and catching a vibe. It’s easy to make music when there’s a mutual level of love and respect for each other.

Audio:- Payper Corleone – Full Effect Featuring Sinzu & Hotyce

N.S:- that’s dope. You have developed a reputation as a battle-ready rapper and you have taken shots at Cassper Nyovest and AKA, both from South Africa, way before AKA got cancelled in Nigeria. You’ve also dissed BlaqboneZ and had a few words for his boss M.I. When you go at rappers on records, is it strictly business or does it get personal sometimes?

P.C:- It’s never personal for me. The AKA and Cass situation was just me talking my talk trying to prove a point that I was better than both niggas somewhat, 5/6 years ago… with that being said, that was all fun and games. With the MI and BlaqBonez situation, that’s me checking both dudes because their pattern or style of public relations more often than not, entails going against the culture or belittling the efforts of active emcees. We saw that with YRSFUYL & BRIA…. but it is what it is. It’s never personal for me neither is it business… It is what it is.

N.S:-  Could you elaborate more on your assertion that MI and BlaqboneZ have been belittling the efforts of active MC’s. Some people may argue that they are only trying to make the game more interesting, what do you think?

P.C:- If that’s the case, then I guess my input/responses makes the game interesting as well… Loool…. “belittling the effort of active MCs” that’s as regards to the YRSFUYL song. I felt, instead of complaining, why not start by bigging up the MCs that did their bits to keep the game in shape while you were away?

N.S:-  Was that why you sided with Vector in his beef against MI? You appeared on The Purge as well. Could you break it down?

P.C:- I never sided with Vector in his beef against M… What those grown men have going on is bigger than who and who was on The Purge. I appeared courtesy of myself, addressing things on my behalf not because Vector asked me to.

Audio:- Vector – The Purge Featuring Payper & Vader The Wildcard

Audio:- Payper Corleone – Nobody [Khaligraph Jones Diss]