Freebie:- Wanlov And The Afro Gypsy Band [ Download And Stream ]


Born of two seemingly different worlds and growing up never quite belonging totally to either, Wanlov decided to explore the similarities between his two cultures being Romanian and Ghanaian. What he found out gave him a new identity and he shares it with the world as the African Gypsy.

Wanlov with his Afro-Gypsy band will play musical tug of war with your soul. The violin meets its ancestor the fiddle, the cimbalom meets its ancestor the xylophone and the sounds they create together seals the African Gypsy’s place in this hybridised world. This is music for those who know they don’t belong to just one home in one part of the world.

Wanlov & the Afro-Gypsy Band won Visa Pour Creation in 2011, Mondomix Prize in 2013 and have toured several countries in Europe including national tours of Ghana in 2012 and Romania in 2014. Their songs amplify the plight of the oppressed from the Roma in Europe to the people affected by corruption in the slums of Africa.

Supported by the Institut Francais & Equation Musique
Co-Produced by Cyper Produktions & Pidgen Music