Freebie:- Rez Tha Poet & Stormatique – Ex-Posit

Freebie:- Rez Tha Poet & Stormatique – Ex-Posit [ Spoken Word EP + E-Book ]


Premised on the diversity that exists in our dimension, but which we seemingly miss in daily living as we go about lapping up oxygen.

This is the first in a series of planned poetic expressions, in audio and visual forms; that seek to add colour (in feelings and emotions) to the blandness of what daily living has become in the 21st century – computers, mobile phones & such technology; electro-smug, poor social interaction, love,war, terrorism, politics, equality, equity and the kind of  lifestyle choices that we are forced to make within the confines of these dynamics.

The expression of my art, is in recognition and “REZpekt” of that space that each existence occupies – in thought, in time,in space, in the present, in memory and in vibration. These expressions are driven by a certain yearning for freedom – to BE.

They are different instances of me or even you – in existence, reaching out; to self, to our surroundings, to others, and to the world, that I/WE may BE.The interactions that are born of this – in connection, relativity, sharing and baring is what keeps us all as BEings. So BE…… Self – Yourself, Myself and Our self.