Freebie:- Okwei Odili And I.F.A Afrobeat EP

Freebie:- Okwei Odili And I.F.A Afrobeat EP [ Stream ]


In this present musical terrain where pretty much any music performed by African Artistes is referred to as “Afrobeats”, it is refreshing to know that there are original Afrobeat acts who stick to the tenets of the genre as laid down by the Late great Fela Kuti, and some of his contemporaries such as Segun Bucknor, Baba Ani and Tony Allen, as well as modern day acts like Femi Kuti and his brother Seun who are making and propagating the culture of Original Afrobeat Music.

 That is where Okwei Odili sometimes known as Sista Soul comes in, she is probably the only Female Afrobeat act in Nigeria at the moment, and she collaborated with Brazilian Afrobeat band I.F.A Afrobeat for this Eponymous EP which can be streamed below, Its a great project which also has an album art which was designed by Lemi Ghariokwu whom every Afrobeat head should be familiar with.

In synchronicity with the political upheavals of June 2013 in Brazil, as the streets boiled with riots, Ifa Afrobeat and Okwei V Odili would manifest their faith in music, following Fela’s message: music is the weapon to affirm your choices and paths!

The meeting between Ifa Afrobeat and Okwei V Odili arose in this unique record of afrobeat culture, a journey through the music of the black Atlantic world, ruled by the exchanges between artistic expressions of different cultures, settled by the same African matrix. The EP features afrobeat songs with soul, dub and reggae accents and IFÁ’s fierce and strong Afrobeat is smoothed by Okwei’s soulful voice, creating a mesmerizing effect.

It is music full of soul, groove and truth, to talk about our ancestry and future. The synergy between Okwei’s lyrics and the contagious bass lines and horns, the drums grooves, the rhythm guitars, and the percussive conduction, leads to feel that one Africa is reborn in her daughter Bahia.

The Ifa AFROBEAT + V OKWEI Odili EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio T, and produced by André T and Ifa Afrobeat, in Salvador, Brazil.