Editorial:- Why Eva Alordiahs “1960” Album Is Important For Hip-Hop

Editorial:- Why Eva Alordiahs “1960” Album Is Important For Hip-Hop


By Obinna Fred 

What You Think I Rap For ? To Push A Rav 4 ? / Come in Through the Front Just to Take The Back Door / I’ve had enough Patience , do you think I got more ? / Just to get up on the Score / With my pedal to the Floor – Eva Alordiah { Deaf }

Eva Alordiah is definitely the last of a Dying Breed, Hip-Hop followers in Nigeria would know exactly what that statement means, considering the fact The Average lifespan of the Nigerian Female Rapper is Approximately one Project ( Sasha PFirst Lady , Weird MCSimply Weird, After da Storm , KelThe Investment , Mo CheddahFranchise Celebrity ) ,no Female Rapper has been able to Pull weight Commercially, or even maintain an underground Hip-Hop following for a substantial period of time, and in the last 5 Years, we haven’t had a Monumental Album from a Female Rapper, Eva Alordiah deserves some credit for the way has been able to Strike the right balance and keep Real lovers of rap Music interested in her while  dropping commercially viable Tracks, and making stellar Guest appearances on Tracks by both Heavy hitters like P-Square ( Shake It Down Low ) and Underground Stalwarts like Str8buttah ( Make Em Say ) , with Three Projects out ( The Pre G.I.G.O EP, The G.I.G.O EP And The Eva EP ) She already has a richer discography than Most Nigerian Femcees, ( Her Forthcoming Album would make her The Female Rapper with the Most Projects ).That is why we believe it would be a definitive Project, not just for Femcees, but for Nigerian Hip-Hop  in General.

Look at all these Bitches with Speeches Trying to do what I Do / They Say Business is Business , I Need a Better View – Eva Alordiah ( Crazy Featuring Sauce Kid )

Eva Alordiah Like most Nigerian  Artistes that came out in between 2006- 2009, arrived into the game off the back of Arguably one of Nigerias Biggest Rap Albums Talk About It by M.I Which also coincided with the flourishing of what I refer to as “The Blog Era” and with the help of the blogsphere she was able to announce her arrival to Fans of Nigerian Music Thus she announced herself  with her Freestyle “I Dey Play” over the Instrumental of A’Milli By Lil Wayne, She immediately appealed to underground Rap heads, and her early collaborations on Street Favorites like Owo Ati Swaggar Remix With The Late Da Grin showed she can hold her own alongside the big spitters, and also increased her appeal to lovers of Rap Music.While refusing to limit her Fanbase, she also made songs which could easily be played alongside the best Club songs in the Land, Tracks like Big Biggie, and Shuga ( where she experimented with Dancehall to a Good result ) clearly show her Versatility as an Artiste. I Hate to Compare her to Nicki Minaj, but I Cannot ignore the Obvious Similarities  especially in the aforementioned department of Versatility, as Both of them can Sing When they want to, and Go hard on the Rap tip when they want to. and also meddle with some Dancehall if need be.Her performance on The Micworx produced Mannequin ( The E-Mix ) had me convinced she was special,and in the mould of Artistes that don’t follow trends, but dictate their own pace, and is not scared to experiment. as she displayed great artistry over  the dubstep influenced instrumental ( I’ve never heard another Nigerian Femcee spit or sing over Dubstep ) , that song made me realise how much of an Artiste she is.

She has not been immune of Label Squabbles herself, having publicly fallen out with Trybe Records C.E.O Eldee in 2012 over a record label situation  ( The Details remain Muddled ) and also Quitting 3UD Management Last year, after a public Twitter spat with her erstwhile boss , Still that didn’t deter her from putting out singles, Videos and trudging forward with her Music career. She also has the “X-Factor” which is  the ability to stir up controversy, as was the case  when she released High which a Lot of people thought was an Ode to Marijuana, meanwhile as she clarified in an Interview on MTV Iggy, It was a song written about the struggles of life, clearly Eva has mastered the game, and how to keep herself afloat as an Emcee in the current Musical Terrain.

Who Gives A Fuck If I Walk Butt Naked / And my Lyrics Over Rated / I’m The Next Top Rated – Eva Alordiah ( I No Send You )

 Having not developed cold feet like a certain female Rapper I Know ( Blaise Anybody ? ) , and is poised to drop her debut Album 1960, Evas stock has never been this high, and another similarity with Nicki Minajs most recent Album (The Pink Print ) would be a lot more poignant when the Album which we think would be the Blue print for Female Emcees in Nigeria  coming behind her ( or have been stuck in a Limbo )  drops, and with Young and upcoming Female Rappers like Tesh Carter, Fefe, Pryse, A.T, Ms Chief and Oluwatipsy looking for Inspiration from a Fellow Female Rapper in the Game , 1960 may just show them the direction to go, and solidify Evas Place on the Vacant Throne.

I See These dumb Bitches Run around Like they Mini Me’s / And They aint saying shit from now till Infinity / And everybody love me, yeah they say that they feeling this – Eva Alordiah ( Gibberish )


Obinna Fred is a London-based Journalist who has contributed to a few Blogs on the net, and writes on NS Now as the Senior Editor and features Writer.He loves Hip-Hop and Music in General.Follow @Fazillion