Editorial:- 14 Nigerian Artistes That Recently Parted Ways With Their Record Labels

Editorial:- 14 Nigerian Artistes That Recently Parted Ways With Their Record Labels

Editorial:- 14 Nigerian Artistes That Recently Parted Ways With Their Record Labels

By Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

Twenty Children Cannot Play Together For 20 Years – Old Yoruba Proverb


Separation occurs in almost all aspects of life, from Graduations to Divorces, Separations have always been an integral part of Life or Death. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines separation as termination of a contractual relationship (as employment or military service), that is the context which we intend to look at what is currently almost a Trend in the Nigerian Urban Entertainment Industry.

Separations usually happen in two forms, Mutual Separation ( Where An Artiste Sees Out his Contract and Chooses To leave ) and One Sided Separation ( Artistes Suing To leave Labels Unceremoniously , just walking out or better yet being dropped by the label before the contract expires ), and since Don Jazzy and D’Banj Parted ways in what we are meant to believe were amicable Terms, leading to the eventual dissolution  of Mo-Hits Records, Nigerian Urban Music has Witnessed probably the greatest era of Artistes leaving or being dropped from their labels/Management  since the Storm Music Exodus that happened between 2005-2007.by Now followers of the industry should be well aware of Kc Presh Parting ways, Modenine Recently left his record Company Monarch Music, and Both Wizkid and Davido have both changed their managers from Metal Chic Osagie and Asa Asika To Godwin Tom and Kamal Ajiboye respectively while Wizkid has been embroiled in the EME Departure saga, This article seeks to run down Artistes who have recently been in the news for Label/Management Crisis.

1)    Sheyman

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Former Label:- Trybe Records

New label:- Phatbaze Entertainment

Departure Status:- Unknown

“Sheyman on the Mix” is something that many of us have heard on some of our Favourite pop tracks, The King of Melody recently parted ways with his Record Label Trybe Records after a brief stint spending less than a year on the label.

2)    Eva Alordiah


Former Label:- 3UD Management

New Label:- Unknown

Departure Status:- Not Amicably

One of the most promising Female Rappers in Nigeria started her career at PXC Entertainment, She was signed by Trybe Records last year (though she denied ever being signed to the Label), and The Label released a press statement dropping her without her releasing anything on there. She was then managed solely by 3UD Entertainment who recently announced that she has also been dropped from the Management outfit

3)    Josh Beatz

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Former Label:- Serengeti Records

New Label:- Unknown

Departure Status:- Unknown

Josh beatz is Nigerias Youngest Most Famous Producer and has been signed as an in-house producer to Serengetti Records where he produced almost all the Tracks on Godwons Debut Album The Evolution and also produced tracks  for Label-mates like Hakym The Dream, He recently announced that he has left the record label.

4)    Splash

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Former Label:- Matured Money Minds Entertainment

New Label:- August Pee Entertainment

Departure Status:- Amicable

Splash came into the scene officially as a member of Mikel Obis Record Label Matured Money Minds,They  put out an All Star  Mixtape of which her Monster single Church Agbasa was one of the Tracks,When the Video dropped, she announced that she is now signed to August Pee Entertainment.

5)    Jesse Jagz

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Former label:- Chocolate City Records

New label:- Jagz Nation

Departure Status:- Amicable

Though he produced the Biggest single ever on the label ( Oleku ) Jargo didn’t mince words when he announced his departure from Chocolate City Records, though cloudy at first, M.I Abaga, Ice Prince and Chocolate city have all spoken to show solidarity with his decision.

6)    Rilwan

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Former Label:– Play Records

New Label:- unknown

Departure Status:- Amicable ( to the best of our knowledge )

Details are sketchy at the Moment, but after Play records released his official single and Video Naughty Girl, Rilwan recently left the label, leaving behind his frequent collaborator Kanebi as the Flagship act at the company.

7)    May D


Former Label:- Square Records

New label:- Confam Entertainment

Departure Status:- Not Amicable, But now Manageable

May D’s signing to Square Records seemed like the perfect match, after featuring on Chop My Money With Akon ( A Lot of people felt he had the best performance on the song ) and dropping some singles on the label, Mister MD Was dropped from the label for what Jude Engees Okoye called “Wanting what P Square Has“.He has since moved on dropping more tracks on his new outfit, where he is the CEO.

8)    Oluwatipsy


Former Label:– Big Boyz Entertainment

New Label:- Unsigned

Departure Status:- In The Middle

Oluwatipsy came to mainstream consciousness as the Tom Boy looking girl doing push ups and Rapping on Se N Gbo Mi Dada alongside Big Boyz Records all Stars 2 Kriss, Noni Zondi, Lil Miss, and JJC Skillz.The label also put out some singles for her, before she recently left the label unceremoniously.

9)    Yemi Alade


Former Label:- Jus’ Kiddin’ Entertainment

New label:- Effizzy Entertainment

Departure Status:- Not Amicable

Yemi Alade was signed to Jus Kiddin’ Entertainment , for a while, Her record Label Management got her a spot on MI’s Illegal Music 2 Mixtape, and she was also listed  on the first Tracklist that dropped, When the Mixtape dropped eventually she had been replaced by Tonii on the song Coming Home, that was a direct consequence of being dropped from the label who pulled the plug on the collaboration, Yemi went on to drop different songs and Videos, and is currently gearing to drop her Debut Mixtape on her new Label.

10) Hakym The Dream


Former Label:- Serengeti Music

New Label:- Lamba Nation

Departure Status:- Unknown

The Lamba King actually announced this today, he just left his former record company that housed artistes like Godwon and still Fatboi to start his own Record company, the announcement of this break up is less that 3 days old.

11) Olamide

olamide (1)

Former Label:- Coded Tunes And Toni Payne Management

New Label:- YBNL Nation And Tony Nwakalor Management

Departure Status;- Amicable

Olamide actually didn’t announce this officially, he just declared YBNL Nation, and went on to release his YBNL Album on his label. He has stated that he has no Grudges with his former Label/Management, Recent happenings have proven so, and the YBNL Boss has also shown that he can hold his own as a Boss of Himself.

12) Orezi

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Former Label:- Culbeed Music

New label:- Unknown ( Possibly HKN Gang )

Departure Status;-Unknown

This news actually broke yesterday, and judging by Davidos Tweets, HKN Gang may be his next destination, Time will tell.

13) Yung 6ix


Former Label:- 411 Entertainment/Storm 360 Entertainment

New Label:- Storm Records

Departure Status:- Amicable

6ix recently and quietly changed his management from 411 entertainment who shared his record deal with Storm records, It doesn’t smell as conflict though, it tells of an Artiste trying to put all his attention in one place to focus on the release of his debut Album 6ix o’clock.

14) Chinaydu

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Former Label:- Rugged Records

New Label:- Unknown

Departure Status:- Unknown

Chinaydus sojourn at Rugged Records was extremely short-lived, ever since he left Rugged Records, he dropped one Single Hyper , and we haven’t heard from him ever since.

Why is this trend Rampant nowadays, It’s a combination of different Factors, sometimes weak Label structure makes the Artiste want to make on to a more functional label where he/she can achieve his dreams quicker, in other cases, the Artistes desperation to make it quick plays a part in them wanting to join a winning team, I Don’t think an Artiste can walk out of a Label situation without seeing out his contract  if the Paperwork was well done ( Kelly Hansome anybody ), so in most cases it’s a problem from within the Label. Sometimes the label may have one Artiste that generates money ,and that may make them nonchalant and less interested in the fostering and development of other Artistes on the Label, that may would definitely become a problem eventually for the label, and see protests from the neglected Artistes. With more money comes more problems, and I can’t help but feel that is another Factor, Loyalty and Money and inversely proportional to each other, and with the kind of money the Industry generates now, its quite hard for an Artiste to remain loyal to a label that doesn’t generate money for him, all in all, different factors have led to this, and I think it’s going to happen more and more in years to come.

Newer Era Artistes like Saeon, Erigga New Money, DRB, Black Magic, Ajebutter 22, Falz, and Lola Rae have shown to a certain extent that you may not necessarily need a Label if your music appeals to the new urban generation and you have the ability to push it online effectively, you may garner a considerable amount of fans that would buy your Albums and come for your shows, they are creating a STRONG Middle class for Urban Nigerian Artistes, and that may be the position and alternative that Artistes to come may need to tow in order to avoid Record Label problems and focus on their career

Illustration By @ThePsalmurai 

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Editorial:- 14 Nigerian Artistes That Recently Parted Ways With Their Record Labels