Crtitical Breakdown:- Bone Trees – Memory Lane

Crtitical Breakdown:- Bone Trees – Memory Lane [ EP Review ]

Crtitical Breakdown:- Bone Trees - Memory Lane [ EP Review ]

Artiste:- Bone Trees
Album:- Memory Lane [ Extended Play ]
Record Label:- Unsigned
Distributed By:- Soundcloud
Guest Appearances:- JB , Kid Chill, M Swagg
Producers:- Beats By Jayy
Release Date:- January 12th 2016

Critical Breakdown

2015 was the year of Hausa hip-hop music finally garnering some respect and making it to the forefront of not just the alternative/indigenous rap scene, but also gaining a foothold in the mainstream realm of Nigerian urban music. Most prominent of the lot( apart from Morell ) Classiq was featured on the award winning King Kong Remix by Vector Tha Viper and also delivered his full length body of work Sarki. Other rappers that impressed include Yung, DJ Abba,Kheengz, Hench, Lord V, Kid Pro and also Bone Trees who made his debut on NS in March with the unorthodox ode to luxury cars Honda Da Marsandi. He followed it up with Shehu Shagari a single that paid homage to Nigerias past president of the second republic and by January, Bone Trees had delivered his debut body of work, a 7-Track EP titled Memory Lane.

He gets straight to business on the first track Mun Kwale, a song that celebrates alcohol-free intoxication from a Northerners perspective. It’s a quirky track, complete with name-drops of famous highs like Cocaine, Rohypnol, Cannabis, Codeine, all of which are reportedly the preferred drugs of choice in the north, while the song may shock some outsiders and non-indigenes of the north, it will come as no surprise to Northern dwellers, natives and people who understand the drug subculture in Nigeria. He addresses his haters and detractors on the next song Talk About It a snap/rap song on which he chants “Why these haters talk about me? I’m all they talk about“. The song was livened up by the guest verse which was performed by M Swagg, but it was generally underwhelming and tiresome. Bone Trees turns it up a notch on the next song So, an X-Rated sex-rap song which opens with “One, two, three to the four, five, let me see your panties on the floor” and goes on to describe in no vague terms different sex acts and The mere fact that he was explicit with his lyrics which is a rare trait for a Nigerian rapper made the song conspicuous and much more enjoyable to me. The next song Numbers had him breaking down his life from age 13-25, recounting memorable events that shaped his life at the turn of each year and most notably at age 24 when he “started smoking mad weed and met up with AQ and Beats By Jayy” who produced the song which stood out to me. The previously released synth-driven, ode to presidential living Shehu Shagari is next and it comes right before Success Is Mine, a stream of conscious one take freestyle that didn’t make any sense whatsoever and reduced the entire output on the project. The main attraction on the mixtape, Honda Da Marzandi ( Honda and Mercedes ), The Beats By Jayy produced ode to two of the most popular brand of automobiles in northern Nigeria brings the project to a close and stands as Bone Trees best performance on the project.

If anything Bone Trees has made his entry into the underground scene with this project and announced himself, but the EP is not a strong one, neither does it do a lot to sell the music-making abilities of Bone Trees the rapper. Although his boldness and wilingness to rap about “taboo” topics like violence, drugs and sex scored him points in my book, the entire output of the project is not up to par with the likes of The New Constitution By Yung , Arewa Mafia & Sarki by Classiq and 100km 2 Pedestal by Kheengz. Bone Trees has given us a peek into his life, musical inspirations and introduced us to his brand of carefree, youthful, rebellious and hardcore rap music, but he still has a long way to go before he can put any real pressure on the guys ahead of him who are presently making the north proud and delivering pure, premium Arewa rap music.

Beats/Production:- 6/10
Lyrics:- 5/10
Flow:- 5/10
Composition/Arrangement:- 6/10
Best Verse:- Honda Da Marzandi verse 2
Standout Track:- Numbers
Overall Rating:- 5.5/10

Listen To Memory Lane EP Here