Critical Breakdown:- Vector – Bar-Racks

Critical Breakdown:- Vector – Bar-Racks [ Mixtape Review ]


Reviewed By Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Bar-Racks Mixtape

Artiste:- Vector Tha Viper

Label:- YSG Entertainment

Guest Appearances:- Chuddy K

Production Credits:- TORO, Del B, Licious, Da Piano, H-Code, Fubu Baba, Shogon

Critical Album Breakdown

Vector The Viper is at an all-time Career high right now, and you can see that he has never let 2 weeks pass this year without being on a featured track, and that has really helped him garner more buzz,as he is one of the hottest rappers in Nigeria at the moment [ M.I And Ice Pince Precede Him ].After a brief and suspended beef with Reminisce, Vector decided to drop his First ever Mixtape as an Artiste on his birthday, and this right here is the result. A 16 track offering, with One guest appearance, and helmed by nominally unknown producers.

The Mixtape opens up on a welcome note, with VEC rhyming over a Fela Kuti Sample with Blaring Horns and pulsing Synths, and he went in with sharp bars and seemed to be going in at some MC´s whom he refers to as “Little Dogs” while he remarked “Flow Sick? No I Flow Ugly”, as well as letting you know why he named his Mixtape what he did, while shouting out different Barracks in Lagos, and his Lost homeboys. The intro was befitting in every sense, and set the tone for the Mixtape which goes on to the next track “Ko Oshi” which he performed over the instrumental of Strange Clouds By B.O.B, and went in with a rapid flow, but he misfires on this one with lines like “Eyes like Curly Hair, VEC Be Nappy” and “Im Jocking The Boss So That’s A Fat man’s Scoop”, though he doesn’t let the track end without name dropping his female colleagues whom he admires like Blaise, Eva Alordiah And Zee. The Next track is “Baba Alago” over the Dr Dre produced Instrumental for Jay Z The Watcher, which featured the Aforementioned Producer and Rakim, and Vector went in Hard on this one, trying his best to keep up with the Instrumental, and he did that with slick lines like “I’ve been a Killer since the Puny Buzz,/ I’ve been Fucking Dope You can say I’m doing Drugs” and “Rappers Wanna Go Head to Head dam first I’m not Gay, second, I no be Ram”.Shogon laced the next track with an up-tempo club beat to produce anther track “Ashewo Boy” which is not a bad track at all, and serves it purpose as something created for the clubs. On the Next track over the Kanye West produced Mercy Beat, VEC names it after one of the hottest Nigerian Female Actresses, and the track is laced with vivid descriptions of sexual acts and innuendos. It’s something his female fans would really appreciate, and it’s a bold track, as majority of Nigerian MC´s shy away from sex as a topic. The next track is one of my favourites on the Mixtape, and it is a track which was produced by H-Code, and VEC basically took the big seat on this one and just let his thought ride over the mellow the words of Modenine, This is Big Boy Rap. The next track is just 16 bars of Vector Rhyming, and he went in with raw bars, and I kind of wanted it to go on for long, but it was just 16, and it isn’t bad at all. One of the hottest tracks in the world  (Someone I used to know by Gotye)  right now gets its twist by Vector, and it’s another favourite on the tape. The hook is very catchy, and Vector matched it up with deft bars, and an outro for his fans from Akwa Ibom. It’s another song that sounds like a single, save for the instrumental, and it was well executed. Speaking of singles, the next track with Chuddy K is nothing but that. The Track “Tickle Me” samples a track which anybody that grew up in Nigeria in the late 80´s and early 90´s would be familiar with. It is an interpolation of a track of the same name by Alex Zitto and is laced with Original production, Very Radio friendly, and appeals strictly to females, but though some lines on this track are dodgy and watery, the track is above average, and serves as another track that can get spins on the radio. Tuwo and Wasted come next, and they are tracks that were released previously to build up momentum to this mixtape, and they are not half bad at all, while the former is aimed towards the ladies [again], the former is directed towards all the Stoners, Lean Sippers and it’s another favourite of mine, and I particularly like the bouncy and turnt out production which was helmed by Del B, and It has every characteristic of an Album cut. “Teacher Teacher” the next cut is another Fela Kuti Sample, and also Samples American Rapper Bone Crusher.It is one of my best tracks again on here, and it has Vector revealing that he used to be a member of a Band a while is a conscious track, and he namedrops heroes like Martin Luther King, Mahathma Ghandi, and Rosa Parks, as well as Nigerian Activists like Ken Saro Wiwa and Funmilayo Ransome Kuti.The next joint ”Stay Scheming” is not really spectacular, and sounds more like a mixtape filler.”Aramonda” is yet again another party track,and at this point, the Party Tracks are a tad too much ( FOR ME ) but I know a lot of mainstream Nigerian pop fans want mind at all. “Church Skit” is the Highest point of the Mixtape to me, because it is an Acapella Spoken Word Poetry, which he directs to all the MC´s who have taken shots at him ( MC Skill Tha Preacha, Cyrus Tha Virus, Reminisce ) , and I really like the way he chose to address his various beefs, and I found it really hilarious. The Album closes with the track “Second Coming” which I would call a worthy closing to the Mixtape.

All in all, the Mixtape would make a Good listen to His core fans, and would definitely win him some new fans. I appreciate his boldness, and tenacity. Vector shows his versatility, and exudes confidence all through the offering which I’m guessing is a reflection of his current standing in the Music industry. The Mixtape is good, but though VEC still has those Forced lines and irrelevant punch lines, he is someone who would be around for quite a while in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Production:- 7/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7/10

Composition:– 6/10

Favourite Verse:- Teacher Teacher Verse 2

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Best Production:- Teacher Teacher

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Favourite Instrumental:- Wasted

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Shock Value:- No Featured Rappers Or Famous Producers On The Project

Overall Score:- 7/10