Critical Breakdown:- The Kalifate – Re-Ink-A-Nation

Critical Breakdown:- The Kalifate – Re-Ink-A-Nation [ Album Review ]


Words By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

The Kalifate Re-Ink-A-Nation-Goretti Company(2009)

Marketed By Iyke D Don Nigeria

Producers-Kraft,Da Nod Factory,Mr Daz,Frenzy<NAIJA !!!!!>,Jonah D Monarch,Frenzy,Okwudili,and X-O.

The Kaliphate is one of Nigerian Hip-Hops Best Kept Secret,but they do not get the dues they deserved even as per the work they have put in.however after shuffling the six man Posse into three members,(A9,Psalmurai and Dasuki),and sorting out thier marketing and distribution,all thanks to Ill-Bliss Goretti Company(shoutouts To Iyke the Don for marketing Real Hip-Hop ),and recuriting an array of Hip-Hop Producers,they reached out and dropped thier Debut Offering Re-Ink-A-Nation(2009) and therby solidified thier place in the hearts of Hip-Hop Purists.Equipped with Good Videos and up to par productions,the album is a must have{ Go Get Yours Joooo !!} for all Hip-Hop Collectors.the Album starts off with “Heart Of The City” produced by X-O,and had Each member going off over the instrumental on a mellow note repping for thier city(Gidi) with a melodious Chorus .the Album goes on to the Street Anthem “Ikira”,a track which i love personally for the streets and had A9 spitting Fire like “I dribble for this game pass Babangida/Sunny{Sani} Like Abacha even though outside na bad weather/A head like Murtala /so i die for my Kin like Saro Wiwa {Jheez !!} .”The Long and winding road” is another soulful tune with a soulful sample,and had psalmurai reminiscing like “Look out the window saw young Boys in thier BM/i wanna be ‘em /but i dont wanna be them”.the instrumental which was Crafted by Kraft <pun intended> is another Hip-Hop Masterpiece.Kaliphate maintained thier form on the activist pidgin Lingoed <my word> “Home Video” {which is actually a home video} had the three emcees weaving continous conceptual tales about the woes of a certain guy which is actually very touching also an inspring hook by Ajuju makes the track one to have you pressing repeat.”All Hail” also had them going hard over a Jazzy Instrumental,repping for the Motherland (No Lagbaja lol !).The Album falls short of expectation on the S.H.E (another upcoming female emcee),assisted “Da Anthem,”,and “16 Bars” which seemed like a mismatch, but the Highest point on the album is the “Ikira Squad Remix” feat Terry Da Rapman,Illbliss.Rooftop Mcs,S.H.E,Ruffman and M o Dogg!(whom i really loved to hear),and had Frenzy Screaming like a Banshee actually had my blood racing(11 emcees) going hard bar for bar but i must say Terry Had his day on the track,but the other emcees went hard equally,also “Eko 4 Sho” Feat Harriet and Family Jewels feat Harold are Emotional and soulful songs you can ride, reminisce or reflect to.
I dare say The Kaliphate really Re-Ink-A-Nated thier style and the painting is going to be in our heads for a while .the Album is a sure one by ME anyday,the production is first class,and there isnt one single dull moment for real heads while bumping this…