Critical Breakdown:- The Collectiv3 – The Collectiv3 LP

Critical Breakdown:- The Collectiv3 – The Collectiv3 LP [ Album Review ]


Artiste:- The Collectiv3
Album:- The Collectiv3
Record Label:- Independent
Distributed By:- I-Tunes and Online media outlets
Guest Appearances:- Nneka, M.anifest, & Loose Kaynon
Producers:- IKON & Kid Konnect
Release Date:- October 1st 2015

The Collectiv3 is a posse of like minded individual artistes and producers, which comprises of the Hip-hop duo Show Dem Camp and their affiliate/regular collaborator Poe, alternative soul singer Funbi, eclectic diva Temi Dollface , Guitarist Nsikak and producers Ikon and Kid Konnect. They all got together with one sole aim in mind, that is to combine their different distinct and creative sounds which is not really in tandem with the current urban sound that has a stranglehold on the mainstream music audience at the moment, more or less to challenge the status-quo, shake up the polity and prove that there is more to the Nigerian urban sound than mainstream media has to offer-a noble endeavour if you ask me-,one that they pulled off when they released an eponymous EP ( without any promo whatsoever ) on independence day,a move which I feel was a significant statement in itself.

The listening commences with the first track Akintunde, a progressive afro-house track thatwas enveloped with electronic robotic effects and a mellow Jazz backdrop and featured Ikon who produced and rapped ( rather well, I think he is one of the Three Wise Men ) on it as well as Temi Dollface, the sole female in the crew who really made a case for herself with her mesmerizing voice, It’s a befitting opener which sets the tone for the sort of musical experience you’re in for. She continues her fine streak on the next track School Your Face, a slang which more or less means to “get your guard up” after encountering a series of unpleasant ( or pleasant ) encounters with the opposite sex ( it could also be used in other contexts, I even have my own meaning for it ), it’s marriage of the fun and feisty sides of Temi over a melodic feel good sonic vibe which worked just fine for her. When I saw that Funbi was a part of the collective, I was really looking forward to his performance as he had already made a huge impression on me with his previous releases and collaborations as one of the most talented young vocalists and songwriters in the land, suffice to say he lived up to my lofty expectations on the next song Forbidden Fruit, a well written and executed R&B song on which he sings about being tempted by his best friends girl,ultimately asking “If na you, what you gon do ?”, If he increases his intensity next year, he will surely give a lot of established singers a run for their money. He then lends Poe a helping hand on the hook of the next song Sexy Bitch, singing “you know that type of girl, I don’t really understand, she makes me hate the way I love to watch her do her thang” while Poe went on to paint a vivid picture of “Social media girls” with two verses laced with tongue in cheek humor. I particularly like the way the word “bitch” drops every 4 bars, thus placing an emphasis on each verse and I can tell a lot of thought went into creating this song right here ( the instrumentation on the outro also deserves a mention, it was well layered ). The narrative Shey Bai Features SDC and follows the same creative pattern which they have utilized before to create singles like Alpha Kenny Body , Happy Weekend and Ha Gawd, i.e combining raw rap lyrics, Lagos humour and Kid Konnects production to create a catchy rap song that will not only appeal to their core fans, but also win them some new fans outside the Hip-hop realm.( Ghost has his way on tracks like this, and most definitely stole the show for me on this one ).

       Ghanaian Lyricist M.anifest drops a quotable verse on the next song, the Kid Konnect produced Judgement which also featured Nneka and Loose Kaynon ( who should be working on his Gemini project as we speak ) it comes right before Just Like That ( story ) another Temi Dollface solo that was inspired by Fela Kutis song of the same name and had her trying out an alternative rap style and she once again pulled off although I feel there was a bit of overkill going on here, as the verses felt somewhat cramped. A bit of minimalism would have worked better for me on it. Poe and Funbi reconnect for their second collaboration on Adore Her, a smooth blend of R&B and Rap music which once again highlighted the evident chemistry which both acts exude when they get together on a song, Their two collaborations on this project are highly commendable and would definitely have fans asking for more music by the duo. The album closes on an unfamiliar but uncompromising note on the final track Happy Day which was performed by Nsikak whom I am hearing about for the first time, It’s basically an instrumental medley which contained mild vocals and a combination of Jazz percussion, melodic blues based electric guitar strings, It’s something for the more matured listeners whom I feel would truly appreciate it ( think Carlos Santana or Tee Mac Itseli ).
As someone who has reviewed over 15 albums this year,I’ll categorically state that this is one of the best projects released this year in Nigeria, I have always rated Ikon and Kid Konnect as two innovative producers who are on top of their game but do not get the credit they deserve and they once again showed their pedigree on the production side. The album sound is edgy, unapologetic, cutting edge and unique, it’s a project for everybody, most importantly music afficionados who are tired of the generic and linear sound which is obtainable in todays mainstream and on the radio airwaves. All the artistes on the project brought their A-game to the table, especially Temi Dollface whom I think made a strong case for herself and definitely captured my attention, as well as Funbi who showed me that he has not lost it, and can definitely compete with the best vocalists in Nigeria. Upon listening to this project you will notice that a lot of thought, time and energy was really put into this project, it was not rushed,all the collaborations are unforced and super organic. It’s a nice outlet for all artistes under the umbrella to combine their powers and draw a bit of the attention to themselves with a powerful musical project and I have to say collectiv3ly,they achived their objective .

Beats/Production:-  9/10

Lyrics:- 9/10

Composition/Arrangement:-  9/10

Best Verse:- Ghost On Shey Bai 

Standout Track:- ALL 

Musical Moment:- The Whole LP Is The Moment

Album Rating:-  9/10