Critical Breakdown:- Terry Tha Rapman – World Domination

Critical Breakdown:- Terry Tha Rapman – World Domination [ Mixtape Review ]


Reviewer:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred


ARTISTE:-  Terry Tha Rapman

LABEL:- Mehaphunk Records / BANS Nation

GUEST APPEARANCES:- Modenine, Pherowshuz, Tha Faculty, Pope Tha Hitman, Ace Tha Emcee, Olamide, Vector, Zato, Blaq Bones, Boogey, and DJ Kay Wise

PRODUCTION CREDITS:- SFX, Rayconex ( Ray X ), Spellz, Pherowshuz, Young Dizzy, and Night Blaze


My Editor assigning me the task of reviewing this one in my opinion is political. I kept stalling but when it came down to being diplomatic or failing to meet up with the deadline, I had to get down to it.World Domination is another offering by your boy Joe Spasm aka Terry tha Rapman. An offering which contains 15 tracks of which 2 are skits. Features on the mixtape include rappers like his long time collaborators Mode9 and Pherowshuz. Others are Boogey, Pope tha Hitman, Ace tha Emcee, The Faculty, Olamide, Vector, Blaq Bone and Zato.
The project begins with World Domination (the intro) which was produced by SFX and sees Spasm spit 8 barz with lines like ‘This is for the street hustlerz, the oppressed and the voiceless/ with their back against the wall they weren’t given any choices’. The energy on the intro was awesome but sadly enough couldn’t be replicated on the rest of the project. Next up is ‘Kush’ which features Pherowshuz on the instrumental of Dr Dre’s track of the same name,and if Terry will ever make good his claim of being the best rapper alive, he would have to desist from lines like ‘for ten years y’all treated me like some underdog/till I ushered in a new me like oh my God/who that star looking heavenly like oh la la/a female fan said I better pass you by far’. Phero on the other hand came to the rescue with deft delivery and solid bars like ‘I’m a star, I move with a constellation/you’re a loser, you move with a consolation’,Easily Outshining Terry On This one. This is followed by ‘Zombie’ which was produced by RayX. On this track, tha Rapman set the tone for what to expect from the rest of the project with lazy delivery that lacked energy and which kept deviating from the subject title of the track.It should be stated at this juncture that the A&R direction on this project is myopic judging from the inclusion of the next track ‘Shano’ produced by Spellz and which features Pope the Hitman. It has nothing to do with a mixtape with such expectations as the title indicates due to the fact that it is a commercial inspired track. Terry comes to the party whilst the Hitman drops mediocre lines like ‘mama taught me to think big ben Carson/big cars big mansion big cashing’ but makes up for it with lines like ‘see me, see Nigeria see real (cereal) like Nasco’. Let me add quickly that this track will probably get the nod if I was reviewing a new school rapper’s works. Terry then takes on Ace the Emcee on the instrumental of Rick Ross’s ‘B.M.F’. Again his delivery reeks of fatigue with below par lines like ‘I handle microphones and chicks react/they start screaming out oyoyo daddy is back’. You’d expect Ace to capitalize on the situation by bringing his A-game but he hardly leaves an impression until his last bar ‘I’m flowing up the mainstream emcees are stuck in the fish pond’.
On the track ‘Soldiers’ produced by Pherowshuz and Young Dizzy, Terry features Abuja based rap collective Faculty and Pherowshuz,and This song is a Staple Hip-Hop Posse Cut,and everyone on the song delivered and created another solid Hip-Hop Banger. Next up is a “Freemix” on the instrumental of Wiz khalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow’. Terry then jumps on the instrumental of Tyga’s ‘Rack city’ in a track he calls ‘Lasgidi Chic’ discharging ill lines that remind one of the sick rapper he can be on a good day. He ends this one with ‘no dey hop around from Mr A to B unless the man dey take you from point A to B’. Terry finally wakes up from the slumber on the instrumental of “6’7’ ” as he dishes out bar after bar of some of the most brilliant lines on the project like ‘hip hop is already fucked up, why you wanna blame me/like a gave two fucks (fox), vivica and jamie’, ‘she hails from asaba, but she too dey worry (warri)/I told her get it of your chest sweetheart show bobby’ and ‘they say I too dey play, just dey yarn rubbish/shallow but I seem deep, bowl of nkwobi’.
Things start to get better as next up, Terry goes in with Mode9 on the instrumental of Jay and ‘ye’s “Otis”. You can bet ‘Nigel Benn’ goes first with crazy bars like ‘punchlines till the beats ending up at LUTH/bite me and chip a tooth’ whilst Terry tries to march up the energy even if he falls short of dope lines as he spat ‘‘I’m popular look my name up, google’’. This is followed by the skit with Dj Kaywise. ‘Awon Boys’ which contains a sample of 50cent’s ‘in da club’ and Yahooze by Olu Maintain.The Track features Pherowshuz, Olamide and Vector follows. Vector easily carries last on this one whilst Terry brags about being ‘The one man that nearly out-rhymed Mode9 without even trying’. This is followed by ‘Introducing Zato’ which was produced by Night Blaze. At this point fatigue must have really set in as Terry was conspicuously missing on this and the last 2 tracks which are a various versions of ‘Zombie’ by Blaq Bone and Boogey respectively.
Noticeably missing is the presence of Terry’s protégé Fecko. Let me state at this juncture that the hardest thing in this world has to be besting one’s self especially if one has set the stands so high. This is arguably the problem with tha Rapman’s efforts on this particular offering whose expectation and anticipation might have overwhelmed Joe Spasm who was a shadow of himself on this one. Also, there’s really no message here, an element that’s important with Hip Hop. It’s going to take more than ‘World Domination’ for Terry tha Rapman to attempt world domination. Better luck next time out.
Production:- 6/ 10
Collective Lyrics:- 6/10
Composition:- 4/10
Favourite Verse:- Modenine On OTIS

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Best Production:- SFX On World Domination Intro

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Favourite Instrumental:- KUSH 

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Shock Value:- Fecko , Terry Tha Rapmans Protege Conspicuously Missing .
Overall:- 5.9/10