Critical Breakdown:- Tamaraebi & Charlie X – Songs About Her [ EP Review ]


Artiste:- Tamaraebi & Charlie X
Album:-  Songs About Her
Record Label:- Timeless Music Group
Distributed By:- Soundcloud/I-Tunes
Guest Appearances:- NIL
Producers:- Charlie X
Release Date:- February 12 2016

Critical Breakdown

UK-Based soul singer Tamaraebi first came to my knowledge last year on Hey Ghana, a song which was performed by budding rapper Paybac on his most recent solo mixtape The Other Side Of The Radio. His performance on the song was good but he did not exactly catch my attention until I rehashed his cover of Magic which was originally performed by Rock band Coldplay and released a month earlier. It was then I realized his vocal capabilities and while I’m not a big fan of covers, I appreciated the manner in which he rendered the song and made it his. He started this year off with a 7-Track collaborative EP with the masked producer Charlie X titled Songs About Her, a project intended not only to show off and display his music making capabilities, but also to announce his arrival on the scene as an artiste with a unique disposition who has a lot to offer.

The EP is a sonic potpourri of musical influences, ranging from Disco, 80’s pop music, 90’s R&B and Soul to Contemporary urban pop sounds. It opens up with a slow tempo Piano-driven ballad Jolene which I presume was named after his Muse- The “Her”- in the title. It’s an emotionally charged song that centers around regrets of losing a true love, wanting to work the relationship out and realizing that the situation cannot be salvaged. He wore his heart on his sleeve and created a befitting opening track that resonated quite strongly with me. The EP makes a seamless transition to the next song Lonely, a gloomy and heartbreak-inspired song that deals with the realities of abandonment. It had an American R&B feel from the late 50’s/early 60’s and sounded like it was inspired by bee-bop sound heralded by most notably the late American child superstar Frankie Lymon, once again he delivered a strong performance and tailored his vocal pitch to encapsulate the feeling he intended to convey thus, creating a powerful, emotive and soul-stirring track. On the next song Take Your Time, he rehashes a genre of music that is effectively dead, Disco and somehow he managed to bring it to life in a contemporary style,a feat that is not only bold but also gives an insight into his confidence as an artiste.”Give me a reason to love you, I need a reason to care” he croons in his high-pitched falsetto on the next song Reason, a stirring romantic R&B song which was not only powerfully rendered but to me is one of the strongest tracks on the project.

The next song Fake, is an experimental grunge/punk sounding song, once again with a early 90’s retro feel and while I appreciate this, I find it to be one of the songs that newer school listeners will pass up on. The EP concludes with two songs, Miss Me, and the aforementioned cover of Coldplays Magic which brought the listening experience to a climactic end.

With this project Tamaraebi has not only solidified himself as a new singer to look out for, but also as an artiste who has an expansive musical scope as well as a wonderful medium of interpretation to convey his delightful musings to the listening populace. His experimentation deserves a lot of applause and his resolve to stray from the norm and create his own lane worked out just fine. Songs About Her is one of the most complete bodies of work which I have heard this year from the Alternative soul/pop/blues genre and if he continues like this, the sky would definitely be his starting point.

Beats/Production:- 8.5/10
Lyrics:- 8.5/10
Composition/Arrangement:- 8.5/10
Best Verse:-
Standout Track:- Reason
Overall Rating:- 8.5/10

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