Critical Breakdown:- Syko – Yaba Left The Fixtape [Review]

Syko Yaba Left
Artwork for the Yaba Left Mixtape by Syko. All rights reserved 2021

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  Yaba Left The Fixtape

Artiste: –  Syko

Record Label:-  Independent

 Guest Appearances: –  Base One , Tha Suspect , Boogey, Drew, OJB Jezreel, Syrus Blaque, Yung Soss, Elvis, Slay, Ace Okonkwo, Paybac,

 Production Credits:- Drew and OJB Jezreel

 Release Date:- April 7th 2013

Upcoming MC Syko is a Lagos based MC Who used to be a Part of a 3 Man group called De Xtraordinary gentlemen [ DXG], after Nothing serious materialized with the crew, and he went solo to pursue a career in 2011, his quest for fame led him to compete in the Naija Playlist Battle competition that was held by Cool FM And Wazobia FM in March 2012, A Competition where he beat all contestants to emerge the winner. The Prize was a free recording session with OJB Jezreel which he used to record his first official single. He was also featured on the underground Mixtape Blood Drive which was released by Drew, and then released his debut Mixtape Yaba Left the Fixtape.

Wasting no time he goes straight to the Music on the first Track Lazarus, ripping through the beat with simultaneous bars, the song samples Back To Life by Soul II Soul on the Hook, which is a story of his resurrection ( of Hip Hop Music )  using the biblical Lazarus as a theme. Next song Unchained is also a story of his he started in the game right up  to his current position in his career, rapping over the instrumental of All I Do is win by DJ Khaled, and urging wack rappers to stay clear of the unchained beast, before ending the song with a Big Punisher bite [ Packingamacinthebacofthelac ] , which made my Hip-Hop ears Prick. Psycho Featuring Base One is the Third Track on the tape, and probably his theme song as a Rapper, where he basically brags off, and lets you know he’s “Mentally unstable” It’s a straight Lyrical massacre where he goes as hard as he possibly can, while Base one complimented him with a lovely hook and an outro to add some Street Spice to the song. One of the best performances over Da Suspekts Free Hook/Instrumental in my opinion was by Syko on the next Track Plenty Tingz Featuring Tha Suspekt where he made It sound as though he worked on the song with Suspekt in the Studio. Si Eba Puwo is the next track which means Get away from here in the Igbo Parlance, performed over the instrumental of Get Up by 50 Cent. It is amped up,  energy packed, and gives him an avenue to once more display his Lyrical skill which he showcased quite well on this one, letting his haters know they should leave him alone if they don’t like him. Next comes the Drew and Boogey featured Dope Song, which is a sombre song with a smooth vibe , that had Syko Rapping Rappers used to play a Poor Role / Until I came so dig me like a Bore Hole / I’m Moving like a Moving Train I Need More Coal / I’ll never stop Though till I’m spending offshore Dough. Boogey steals the show on this one with the best Verse on the Mixtape, with his intricate Lyricism and diverse Rap Patterns which is one of the talks of the moment in the Nigerian Rap Scene.

Airplanes is an ode to the good life, where He sings I just wanna get high / so I don’t have to worry about no Damn thing / you find me soaring in the sky got me feeling like an Airplane /so I just get my drink, Pop the Top / Roll The Kush Light it up, crafting a song you can lay back socialize and get high to. The Result of winning the Wazobia/Cool FM Competition is the next track I Survive, the song he created in his Free Session with OJB Jezreel, and also featured Jigga on the Hook, it’s a radio-friendly song of triumph and overcoming the Odds, which I feel could do some good things for Sykos Rap career if promoted well. Moment Of Bliss Featuring Syrus Blaque And Yung Soss is a Good old posse cut with three MC’s just determined to showcase their skills, and they all did well especially Yung Soss who rapped on the first verse So what if I’m a Pot-Head? / Take that away and Im back to being a Hot-Head / Niggaz mad that I’m not dead / because even if I’m sick If you ask me if I want a Spliff, Omo I Go nod Head., making his verse my stand-out on the Track. Bad Intentions is a song of where he sends out subliminal shots and once more does the Rapper brags , I Like the intensity of this one, it’s like the soundtrack to the opening scenes from an action movie [ if you get my visualization ]. Previously released No Mercy featuring Boogey and Drew is another song Rap Heads would appreciate, once more Boogey leaves no room for either of them to breathe, showcasing another show-stealing performance with an incredible verse, again more warnings are sent out to Rappers who may want to test, letting them know that forgiveness is not an option with them once crossed.8 Rappers are featured on Yabaleft Cypher, the Title Track of the Mixtape, This Track is just one that Lovers of Posse Tracks like me would appreciate, performed over the instrumental of Guess Whos Back by ScarfaceOmo Boi is an ode to the streets of Nigeria that comes next, on this one Syko intelligently weaves Nigerias Problems like Niger Delta Militancy, Low Income and other discrepancies, before declaring Shoutout to my Hommies in Yellow and Black Buses, Danfo Drivers. Two Bonus songs Amateur and Enigma close the Mixtape, the Former is a Street Rap song performed over the Instrumental of Sorry Sorry by Afrobeat legend Femi Kuti, and one I appreciate, Where he says hes proud to be an upcoming Artiste, and will someday get to the top before declaring multiple bottles of Alomo for his Boys, while the latter is his entry to Don Jazzys Enigma competition which is also a good song.

Listening to this Mixtape definitely brought Syko up in my MC Rankings, but its evident that this project was primarily designed to show he can Rap, and he showed just that, and nothing else, I don’t know if he can tell stories, conceptualize themes and also craft Radio singles, some of his Punchlines could be basic and tiring but there is no doubt about his average at best Rap skill. The Mixtape is exciting if you love street Rap, and I give credit to the presentation [ Cover and composition ] also, the Production is sound , giving me the image of Syko as a serious MC. He’s one to watch no doubt, and Nigeriansounds is looking out for him.

Production:- 7/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7/10

Composition: 7/10

Favorite Verse:- Boogey On Dope Song

Best Production:- I Survive By OJB Jezreel

Best Instrumental:- I Survive By OJB Jezreel

Shock Value:- None

Final Score:- 7/10