Critical Breakdown:- Splashjosh – School Boys

Critical Breakdown:- Splashjosh – School Boys [Mixtape Review ]


Reviewed By Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- School Boys Mixtape

Artiste:- Splash Josh

Label:- Independent

Guest Appearances:- Teeklef

Production Credits:- DJ Woske, Juvi, Teeklef, B-Kan, Motion L, And X.I.T

Critical Album Breakdown

Splash Josh is one of the Most promising MC’s in Nigeria ,and he has built a strong online following which has stood behind him and created the Momentum for him to drop his first body of work , the Schoolboys Mixtape which is basically A Culmination of his Journey as an MC And where he is today.

The Michigan based MC Starts his First Mixtape starts off with 1ST Chaper which begins an excerpt from an interview by Modenine and Splash Josh spit his first lines “Started In A Macbook By the Front Kitchen / Looking At My Past man I Got A Great Future” over sombre Piano keys and Shoutouts from Different people who support Splash Josh.

   DJ Woske ( who produced  bulk of the Mixtape ) comes through with the instrumental on “Whats Life”which had Splash going reflective and outlining his decisions in the game and how he intends to make it, which is another solid cut on the tape.”Heart Of A Soldier” Comes next and follows in the pattern of the first two songs and have him speaking out his inner thoughts about his life as a rapper and what he stands to lose and gain by choosing the life.

The next two songs spice up the Mixtape , and are introspective songs addressing dysfunctional members of the opposite sex from the Heartfelt and Cinematic Juvi produced “Lost Gardner” which is talking about Dead Beat Dads and using a Gardner who abandons his job of keeping the field ( Family )  clean cut then ends up on the wrong side of the streets as an allegory to the DJ Woske Produced “Bitter Truth”which was released as a single previously and also addresses lost little girls that have no directions and end up shattered as a result of multiple broken relationships.( also gives guys something to think about ) These two tracks show you what Splash is Really about, “Poetic Storytelling” and sets the pace, tone and dimension for the 10 tracks to follow.

“Only God Knows” is also like the first three songs, reflective.”Real low” and “Heartbeat” are both love songs and the Latter features Teeklef on the Hook, the only Credited guest on the Album who produced the song.”Cheap Luv” is also a love song, but this time the story is that of love lost, and that of a broken Heart.”Fake Lives” is a story of friends who did everything together, and a little problem broke them up and sent them different directions (which is something most people can relate to) with relatable lines like “Same Dudes I call Bros play the same old trick / Cos when a girl come around you see them change so quick / tryna act brand new to this lil White Chic / And now the Jokes on me and then she’s laughing and shit”  and “When You argue with your friends is when you really know them /  Cos the Truth comes out and the real feelings show” over menacing piano keys and mellow kicks which really embody the mood of the song.”Letter To Success” is another introspective song where he writes a letter to success and once more pours his Heart out and the trials and tribulations he would need to get through to be successful as well as his parents Antagonizing his chosen path.”Close ya Windows” is a song where Splash addresses Gossip Girls, Hypocrites and Back Biters ( Though is seemed it was just one girl he was talking about) and Splash uses “Love Again” to let us know he still believes in love despite all the bad experiences and shady girls he has witnessed in his life.”Pray” is also Reflective, and has Josh reminiscing on Friends he lost along the way, and what he wants to do, and the dreams he has about already having made it.

The Tape Ends on a reflective note with “New Me” , and it’s also another song where Splash says the old him has passed away, and he is going forward to embrace a new life in a new relationship, and once more decries a lost love.

Splash is a Brilliant MC, there’s no doubt about that. I have to commend his Ability to hold his whole Mixtape down with no other Rapper on it,and also his ability to write hooks and talk about the same topic in different ways that wouldn’t necessarily bore a listener.This Mixtape serves as a befitting introduction, or a window to his life, and from the outside looking in, I can tell he is a young man who is very determined to make it, and has been through a lot of ups and downs in relationships with the opposite sex, as well as friends turned foes. He is also good at telling stories, and choosing befitting Beats to encapsulate his story.

However this Mixtape is one Dimensional in the sense that it is simply a tales of relationships and Reflections, nothing more ( Which I perfectly understand because that’s his life ) but he needs to spice his next project up with  different dimensions to his Insights, Stories and Journey as an Emcee in Hip-Hop, and I bet Lasgidi would definitely know what the WORD is then.

Production:- 8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 4/10

Favorite Verse:-  Fake Lives Verse 2 

Best Production:- Lost Gardner 

Best Instrumental:- Bitter Truth 

Shock Value:-The Production Was Very Good

Final Score:- 6.6/10