Critical Breakdown:- Sound Sultan Presents Naija Ninjas 2.0: The Rebirth

Critical Breakdown:- Sound Sultan Presents Naija Ninjas 2.0: The Rebirth [ Mixtape Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Sound Sultan Presents Naija Ninjas 2.0: The Rebirth [ Mixtape Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- The Rebirth Mixtape

Artiste: – Naija Ninjas Second Generation ( Sound Sultan , Yung Grace, Karma Blackah And Sean )

Record Label:- Independent

Guest Appearances: – Wyclef Jean, Baba Dee, and Klem

Production Credits: – Indomix, Tee-Y Mix, Kukbeat, Jay Sleek, Chopstix

36 Year old UN Peace Ambassador  Sound Sultan is one of the Pioneers of Modern day Urban Nigerian Music, and in his Ten year Career, he has Produced Numerous Tracks, Released Six Studio Albums (2001- Kpsheeeeeeew, 2004- Textbook,2007- Naija 007,2008- SS4,2010- Back to The future (Mission 2010,2012- Me, My Mouth and Eye ),and Fostered, Developed and Mentored various Artistes through his Super group Naija Ninjas which was formed by him and his Elder Brother Baba Dee and originally housed Artistes like Spyda Man, W4, Lambo Da Virus, Nyore and the Two Brothers. All aforementioned Artistes have established themselves to an extent, and Sound Sultan decided to rebuild his Brainchild in 2012 which he always kept alive via his Albums by shout outs and Collaborations. The new ensemble includes singer Yung Race, rapper Karma, Dancehall artiste Blackah and R&B singer Sean, as well as Sound Himself who serves as the Leader, Mentor and Facilitator. In addition to that, they released the 8-Track Mixtape “The Rebirth” a Project intended to familiarize the general public with the crew and show you what the new Ninjas are capable of Kicking.

Sound Sultan starts the Mixtape off with Natural Something. It was the first single released from the Project, and this one Sound Sultan effortlessly creates another Chart Topping single, as its already a fan favourite.The first Lady of the crew Yung Grace follows immediately behind her Boss on the next track “Holla at Me” which is a seductive single produced by Indomix and was performed with a nice Mixture of Yoruba and English language; on this one she sings about a guy she has a Crush on and encourages him to approach her. R and B Singer Sean ( Who sounded like Davido with a Better Voice ) showcases his vocal talent on “She Say” over an uptempo beat produced by Indomix, and this is one of my Favourite cuts on the Project. It’s a song that would get him attention if well promoted and could end up as a DJ and Fan Favourite. Every crew has an Anthem, and so does Naija Ninjas.the Next Track Naija ninjas Anthem is just that which features all of them alongside Baba Dee who was featured on the Track over a Dancehall instrumental, every member of the Crew put up an Impressive performance to put on for his set, and it came out all well after The big bad Wolf Baba Dee Spiced it up with some Patois Flex.Hip-Hop heads are given something next by Rapper Karma with Aropin featuring Sean, and its another solid cut ,though I preferred the Hook to the verses and I also felt that Karma would have been given more chance to Rap, but Sultan took over the second verse with a Rap that made Karma sound Elementary, and that wasn’t fair at all in my Opinion. Dancehall Act Blackah turns it up a Notch on “Party Blow” which comes next, and is an Up-tempo Dancehall track that has Black showcasing his versatility and instantly making me a Fan. It’s a Romp Shaking track that a lot of Jamaican girls would love to “Dagger” to. Maybe conscious of the fact that Karma was Short-changed on his first track, he is given another go on the next track Ankali, this time featuring Crooner Klem on the Hook over a Pop influenced beat which was aimed towards the Club, Karma once more spits some average bars over the beat, and Klem had the best of this track with the Hook.

Human Beings are could definitely be Evil, and Sultan reminds us on the Closing Track on the Mixtape “People Bad” a track that features American-Haitian-Nigerian Wyclef Jean, produced by Jay Sleek, the track is Hands down my Favourite on the tape. Wyclef namedropped Nigerian Musicians like D’Banj, Ikechukwu, 2 Face, Sound Sultan And Dr Sid, while Sound Sultan used the 3rd Verse on the Track to take shots at Eedris Abdulkareem “Oga you don Old O / Oga You Don tey o / when you go Retire so Boys go fire / Boys still dey wait O / Men Im feeling like a Crème  de la Crème  / many caps in the Game, never been where we been” he went on to say “no matter what you call yourself / Number one number  Ten never dull yourself / because when you dull yourself / another boy call himself what you call yourself”  those lines and more in this verse  in my Opinion are direct shots at Eedris Abdulkareem.

The listening experience was great. The chemistry in the New crew is quite Obvious,Sound Sultan is an Artistes Artiste, but will he be able to make stars out of the new crop of Naija Ninjas? Yes I think so.though the mastering, Production and noise levels on this Mixtape were not properly sorted out, the MIxtape is quite good and has some tracks that Fans could play over and over again. The only person I am sceptical about is Karma the Rapper, and I hope he proves me wrong by dropping hotter songs, because not only has Naija Ninjas never produced a Rapper on a National Scale ( Lambo had minimal Buzz before he retired ) I wasn’t too impressed by his Tracks and still doubt his Star quality, but I love the Mixtape, and all the acts on the new Ensemble could go on to have flourishing Solo careers if they follow their Bosses lead diligently with that said, the Rebirth of the Naija Ninjas was quite Safe and Sound ( Pun Intended ).

Production:- 7.5/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 7/10

Favourite Verse:- Aropin Verse 2 And People Bad Verse 2

Best Production:- Natural Something

Best Instrumental:- She Say

Shock Value:- I Thought Sultan and Eedris were Cool ?

Final Score:- 7.5/10


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Critical Breakdown:- Sound Sultan Presents Naija Ninjas 2.0: The Rebirth [ Mixtape Review ]